PRS Announces Mark Holcomb Limited Edition

prs mark holcomb

Oh man, I can’t wait to check this guitar out in person. PRS Guitars has just announced the Mark Holcomb Limited Edition for one third of Periphery’s guitar Hydra. It’s a 25.5″ scale Custom 24 with a 20″ fretboard radius, a newly-designed PRS bridge and the Seymour Duncan Alpha and Omega humbucking pickups Mark developed recently with SD’s Kevin Beller and Keith Merrow. It has a carved, figured maple “10” Top, mahogany back, 24 fret Pattern Thin neck, PRS Phase III locking tuners, and volume, tone, 5–way blade switch control layout with black Hipshot O-ring controls. Available colours are Black Cherry, Black Gold Burst, Charcoal Burst, Faded Whale Blue, Holcomb Burst and Jade.

Mark says: “As someone who’s been obsessed with PRS since my youth, it has been an absolute dream to be able to develop my own PRS signature guitar. For nearly the past year, we’ve designed this instrument with the intention of making it not only unique, but something that would satisfy my every taste as a guitarist, from both a technical and aesthetic standpoint. The result is something that truly stands on its own in the PRS lineup, and a guitar that I can undoubtedly say is the best instrument I’ve ever laid my hands on.”

Although there’s no limit to the actual number of these that will be made, the order window is between January 6 and March 6. Contact your Authorized PRS Dealer to place your order.