One of the cool ‘Wait a minute… what’s that I see in the corner?’ things from NAMM was this EVH Wolfgang Special with hard-tail bridge and ‘bumblebee’ striped finish. They’re only making 150 of them and the MSRP is $1,793.00. This is the first official striped Wolfgang and I hope there are many to follow. Who wouldn’t want a red, white and black striped Wolfgang with Floyd Rose, huh? 

EVH also announced the new Wolfgang Special T.O.M in the USA Custom Series, with arched basswood body (flame maple top on the 592 model).

And of course there’s also the EVH Stripe Series Star, based on the guitar Eddie Van Halen used on the 1980 Invasion tour. The original had a Danelectro neck, which was all the rage among some players back in those days, and the EVH Stripe version pays tribute to this mod.


There’s also a limited edition hand-customized EVH 5150® III 100S head and 4×12 cabinet combination is identical to the setup Eddie Van Halen recently toured with, and featuring the exact same custom modifications. Channel two has increased gain for greater sustain and is re-voiced for improved low-mid frequency definition. Channel three also has increased gain and improved range for the “low” control, and each channel has a rear-panel resonance control knob to fine-tune the low-end response.