Ormsby HypeGTR & SXGTR Production Models


If you haven’t checked out the incredible guitars being made by Perry Ormsby, where the hell have you been? Every Ormsby guitar I’ve played has been utterly flawless in its construction and tone. His Hypemachine and SX models are world-class instruments and if you’ve never played a multiscale instrument before and are a bit skeptical about the idea, these will quickly win you over. Of course, getting in on a Hypemachine run is pretty tricky and an Ormsby Customshop instrument is a pretty pricey endeavour, so Perry has announced the GTR Production Models which are still very high quality but more affordable and with solid finishes. Available in six and seven-string HypeGTR and SXGTR models, the specs were nutted out by an invited group of Ormsby fans online and the initial run of 175 guitars was presold in 19 hours. This first run is being increased to 250 total.

There are six colours available for each. The HypeGTR colours are Tuxedo Black Gloss, Gunmetal Grey, Ermine White, Azure Blue, Violent Crumble Pearl and Strike Me Pink. The SXGTR colours are Interceptor Black (matte), Rosso Corsa, Lambo Orange Metallic, Snow (matte), Seafoam Green and Rally Blue Pearl.

Here’s some selected info, but go here for more:


Fretboards: Ebony

Necks: Laminated Rock Maple

Bodies: Alder


Six string: 25.5″ – 27.5″ Multiscale

Seven string: 25.5″ – 27.8″ Multiscale

Eight String: 25.5″ – 28.2″ Multiscale (coming in 2016)

Neck shape: 20.3mm @ 1st, 22 @ 17th, D shape with round shoulders. AKA “thin U”


The bridges are custom made to exacting tolerances using a variety of materials proven for longevity and tone. Hipshot machineheads (locking).


Both HypeGTR and SX GTR’s are $1599 AUD (approx $1230 USD) for sixes, with a “no upcharge penalty” for left handed players. Seven string versions of each are $1666.


July/August 2015

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