The End Of The ZVEX USA Vexter Fuzz Factory

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ZVEX Vexter Fuzz Factory

If you’ve been on the fence about getting yourself a ZVEX USA-made Vexter Fuzz Factory, you’d better act frigging fast: they’ve decided to discontinue this more affordable take on the ultimate fuzz pedal, and there are only 120 left. I have a Vexter and you can read my review here. Here’s the email ZVEX just sent out: 

“We’ve come to  the end of an era. With only 120 pedals left we’ve decided to discontinue the “US” Vexter version of our Fuzz Factory. Who doesn’t like the rough and ready, dystopian future, industrial vibe? Aesthetically speaking the US Vexter Fuzz Factory looks like a pedal that might belong on Neo’s pedal board in the Matrix. If Neo played guitar. So what’s not to like you ask. The manufacture of this pedal has proven to be difficult over time. It’s messy, labor intensive, and (as it follows) expensive. So we’re going out with a bang. In order to commemorate this last run, we experimented with some new techniques and finishes. We’re very pleased with the result. Orders are already in process. Act now!”