Washburn Marzi Montazeri Priestess


PRESS RELEASE: Washburn Guitars is pleased to announce the addition of Marzi Montazeri as their latest signature artist with a new Parallaxe model called The Priestess. It includes most of the unique Parallaxe features and is crafted in the Washburn USA Custom Shop.

The Priestess combines modern and classic features, such as: an offset solid mahogany body with a carved raised center cradling 2 Marzi Montazeri custom wound Seymour Duncan pickups which provide unmatched tone and sustain. An Original Floyd Rose Tremolo System with locking nut is built in allowing you to make this axe squeal with delight or dive bomb to the depths of your soul. The mahogany neck sports an ebony fingerboard, split block inlays with custom 12th fret Marzi “M” inlay and super jumbo frets providing classic rock style with modern speed and superior playability. Custom Grover 18:1 tuners make it easy to keep the guitar accurately tuned.

Washburn’s Parallaxe series is a breakthrough line of guitars aimed at the pro rock or metal guitarist. It is stage & recording ready and packed with unique features such as the Buzz Feiten tuning system, spring silencers, brass trem blocks, super jumbo frets and USA made electronics.

With groundbreaking musicianship and energetic showmanship, Marzi Montazeri (aka “The High Priest of Distortion”), a guitarist and producer from Houston, Texas, has dominated the metal scene in his hometown for over a decade. Marzi was the one constant draw for fans throughout the years bringing varying styles to his music and redefining electric guitar technique while changing the sound, structure, and style of the instrument itself.

In the 1990’s Marzi joined Superjoint Ritual, with long time friend Phil Anselmo as lead vocalist. By March of 2010, Marzi rejoined forces with Anselmo and Housecore Records to work on what is to be Anselmo’s first solo project since Pantera called “Philip H Anselmo & The Illegals”. Anselmo has raved about Marzi’s ability to everyone saying, “If Ozzy Osbourne had his Tony Iommi and then found his Randy Rhoads when he went to do his solo stuff, I have found my Randy Rhoads.”

After three years of innovational, powerful and extreme hard work they finished a truly masterful and powerful album released on July 16th of 2013 titled “Walk Through Exits Only”. “WTEO” reached #34 on the “Billboard Top 200” charts on its opening week, engraving Anselmo’s legacy once again.

In 2015 Marzi will be writing the score and soundtrack for “Hairmetal Shotgun Zombie Massacre: The Movie”, will debut his new Southern Metal album with his band “Heavy As Texas”®, and also “The Heavy Mellow”® project which will feature the lighter and more ambient side to his music.