Hutchinson Guitar Concepts Mayan V


Meet the Hutchinson Guitar Concepts Mayan V! If you follow Hutchinson on Facebook you would have seen in-progress pics of this one, and now it’s finished! It features a gold relief of King Pakal’s sarcophagus lid, Sun God fretboard inlay and a Seymour Duncan SM-3 Seymourized Mini-Humbucker hooked up to a coil split on the push-push volume pot.

A few more pics below but plenty more here!
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Kiesel/Carvin Now Selling Direct World-Wide


Once upon a time Carvin guitars were very hard to come by outside of the USA, especially down here in Australia. I still remember the first time I saw one in person, and was blown away by the build quality. Then I reviewed a pair of Carvins for my very first assignment for Mixdown magazine back in 2006, when there was briefly an Australian dealer. Then they seemed to disappear from this part of the world. And for many years, visiting Carvin’s website was a frustrating experience for we non-US folk, instead being directed to a clunky ‘Carvin World’ site that didn’t seem to have much on it. Now that’s all changed: as of April 1 (but it’s no April Fool’s joke), Kiesel/Carvin guitars are much more attainable for we international folks. Read More …