New Jeff Beck Live Album & Tour!

Jeff Beck Live + Cover

PRESS RELEASE: Jeff Beck earned raves last year for his spellbinding performances during the hugely successful double-bill tour with ZZ TOP. Fans can relive Beck’s thrilling guitar gymnastics from those shows with a new live album that touches on key eras from the legendary artist’s influential career. The album captures a snapshot of Jeff’s work in 2014, with two newly recorded studio tracks also included, his first new music since 2010’s Grammy®-winning Emotion & Commotion. Read More …

EVH Limited Edition Wolfgang Special W/Stripes


I saw one of these the other day when I was visiting Sky Music: a super limited edition EVH Wolfgang Special with striped finish. Unlike the ‘Bumblebee’ finished one featured here recently, this has a Floyd Rose tremolo instead of a Tune-O-Matic bridge. These aren’t even on the EVH website but retailers have had them for a little while. Most of them have already sold out but if you poke around and are extremely lucky you can still find one.

The one pictured is from eBay seller kid-rocket. Click Here to see striped EVH Wolfgang guitars on eBay.  Read More …

Plini – “The End Of Everything” EP

Plini is a 22-year-old composer/guitarist wunderkind who recently graduated from university with a Master of Architecture degree and is now focusing full-time on music in the prog-rock/metal/fusion kind of category. He recently released his third EP, “The End Of Everything,” which you can hear above. It features Marco Minnemann on drums. He plays a .strandberg* US Custom Shop Boden 6 and has an incredible compositional voice s well as amazing guitar skills.

If you’d like to support his work, here’s how to buy Plini’s music:

DIGITAL: & itunes

Michael Kelly Guitars Acquired By Founder

Michael Kelly
PRESS RELEASE: The original founder of Michael Kelly Guitars has acquired the brand from Hanser Music Group. The Florida-based group that is taking over Michael Kelly Guitars is led by the company’s original founder, Tracy Hoeft. Hanser Music Group purchased Michael Kelly in 2004 and has grown the brand as one of its many exclusive brands.

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