EVH Working On ‘Brown Sound’-Inspired Amp


Whoa! Eddie Van Halen has given a great, revealing interview to The Washington Times where he spills the beans on all sorts of things (such as that the band planned to release their early demos but the sound couldn’t be brought up to snuff), but perhaps most exciting to we guitar geeks is this little tidbit: “People are always screaming and yelling for that classic vintage guitar sound. The 5150 III amps are very high-gain. The main thing that we’re working on is an amp that is modeled after the old vintage Marshall that I used on the first six records. I wanted more sustain out of them.”

Eddie goes on to say, “The difference between the 5150 III amp, and this new amp we are working on is the tubes. They use EL34 tubes, which are more like my original vintage Marshall. Still trying to figure what to call it. Might call it the 5150 III-IV because they use the EL34 tubes. I told Howard Kaplan, the amp guy at Fender/EVH, what I wanted, and just last week they all came out and I gave it a test run. It blew my mind. It has the old vintage tone but with more sustain.”