PRESS RELEASE: The Catalinbread Fuzzrite is the newest addition to our arsenal of hand built effects pedals. We wanted to bring back this iconic, classic, sixties fuzz. This gnarly garage fuzz is a faithful reproduction of the classic Fuzzrite sound that can be heard on The Ventures’ “2,000 Pound Bee”, Iron Butterfly’s “In-A-Gada-Da-Vida”, to the Black Keys. The Fuzzrite has a rich history of taking guitar tones to new levels; it is splatty, raw and unapologetic. We’ve brought back the classic silicon circuit and added the option for a 9v power supply.

To honor the original Fuzzrite, Catalinbread put this circuit in a minimalist enclosure. The Depth control adds brightness and gain, while the Volume knob controls your overall output volume.

d628672c-52c8-4bcc-8e33-245de9949de3Catalinbread Fuzzrite Features:

• Faithful recreation of the original classic circuit

• Saturated, gnarly, sixties fuzz

• True bypass

• Hand-made in Portland, Oregon, USA

• Accepts standard 9v center-negative power

Street price is $159.99

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