One of the coolest guitars at NAMM this year was Devin Townsend’s prototype Framus signature model. Devin says there’s still some tweaking to do on the final design, but the guitar’s pretty damn impressive already.

There were two prototypes of this mahogany-bodied beauty on display at NAMM: Transparent White with Redwood center section with matching headstock, and Nirvana Black with Flamed Maple center section and matching headstock. It features an EverTune bridge and Devin’s signature Fishman Fluence pickups with three modes (modern, vintage and single coil), and some pretty bitchen lights.

Devin said on Twitter “The final version of the guitar – going to make it thicker in the body, with a bigger headstock and the bottom contour will be thinner.” I had the chance to play it and it was pretty damn spectacular: a very harmonically-alive guitar with great attack and body. Can’t wait to see the final version.

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