Ormsby Goliath Headless Guitar

Aussie luthier Perry Ormsby has just announced his first headless guitar, the GTR ‘Goliath’ run. It’s his latest multiscale design, and it looks like a utter beast in the best possible way.

In contrast with his beautiful custom instruments which are made in Australia, these guitars are created in consultation with Facebook groups and built at the World factory in South Korea, the same factory that builds many instruments for PRS SE, LTD, Schecter, Chapman, Dean and more. The workmanship is great and Perry inspects every guitar prior to shipping to make sure it passes his high standards. The first samples were on display at the NAMM Show this year and I made sure to drop by and play them quite a bit during the show and they’re awesome instruments. For more on Ormsby’s innovative guitars, check out the website here.

If you’d like to join the private discussion group on Facebook to order a Goliath and be a part of the excitement that comes with following the production of these instruments, go here! And Ormsby also has a great explanation of what a multiscale instrument is and why it’s of benefit here on his website.