Actor/Director Alex Winter is making the definitive, approved-by-the-family documentary on Frank Zappa’s life, and he’s been given unprecedented access to Frank’s archives to achieve it. But digitising and ordering all of that material is gonna take time and money. So Alex and co have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund this process. The initial goal is $500,000, which will let them get started. At $1 million they’ll be able to shoot the entire movie. At $2 million they’ll be able to complete all the postproduction stuff and everything. And if the full goal of $3 million is reached there will also be a companion book. There are all sorts of pledge perks available at a variety of price points – downloads, shirts, random Zappa ephemera, a visit to the Vault, a chance to play Zappa’s guitars, producer credits – but the most exciting of all has gotta be… Frank Zappa’s Actual Frigging House.

That’s right, Frank’s iconic residence in Laurel Canyon is up for grabs for a mere $9 million. You can see the house on eBay, including plenty of pics. The listing states; “The historic Zappa Estate, nestled on a secluded drive in the Hollywood Hills, is 8,000 square feet of California rockstar paradise. The property includes a rooftop tennis court, backyard swimming pool, guest cottage, beautiful mosaic art amidst the landscaping, and the space that was once the infamous Utility Muffin Research Kitchen, where musicians including Frank have recorded since the 1980s. Beneath the house is a storage chamber that, during the Zappas’ ownership of the home, was known as ‘The Vault,’ where he kept his private archives under lock and key.”


Here’s some info from the pledge page, but head on over to get more details and to contribute.

Whether you just want to follow along, or want a once-in-a-lifetime Zappa experience, we’ve got you covered with a ton of great, exclusive rewards, including…

TRACKS 10 & UP: A FRONT ROW SEAT to follow along as I start exploring the Vault. I have no idea what we’ll find, but I know it’ll be crazy… and that I want to share the experience with you guys!
TRACKS 25 & UP: A DIGITAL VAULT PASS, granting you exclusive access to a backers-only archive of downloadable material selected from what I find in the Vault. And remember: the more we raise, the more we can save, and the more you’ll get to see, hear and keep!
TRACKS 35 & UP: THE DOCUMENTARY that you’re helping make, available as a digital download (Tracks 35+) and in a Collector’s Edition DVD or BLU-RAY (Tracks 150+), packed with bonus material and limited edition packaging.
TRACKS 50 & UP: EXCLUSIVE WTFIFZ MERCH, featuring new artwork created just for this Kickstarter campaign, and never available again! It’s like a killer concert merch table, without ever leaving home! Rewards include T-SHIRTS (Track 50+), POSTERS (Track 125+) and more.

And with the help of Frank’s family and friends, we’ve got some incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and rewards for true Zappa fans:

TRACKS 1500 & 2500: OWN FRANK’S STUFF. The Zappas have generously allowed us to offer a very limited number of items from Frank’s private collection, including original filmstrips from the Vault and a few of his personal possessions.
TRACK 6000: EXPLORE FRANK’S VAULT. You’ll get a private tour of the legendary Joe’s Garage and the relocated Vault from me and Ahmet Zappa. Be the first person to see some of the unreleased material, then discuss it over a private lunch with me and my producing partner, Glen Zipper.
TRACK 7500: RECORD WITH FRANK’S GUITAR. Come play Frank’s guitar for a private recording session with Joe “Vaultmeister” Travers at the legendary Joe’s Garage.
Or, the ULTIMATE ZAPPA REWARD – so absurd and expensive that we’re not even allowed to offer it through Kickstarter:


For $9MM, you’ll get every reward listed on this page and the Zappas will give you permanent ownership of Frank’s Hollywood mansion.