Eastwood Devo Guitars!

Devo Whip It Guitar

Photo by Johnny Brewton

Devo guitar designs always had an air of cool about them, a sort of semiotic undertone which told you subconsciously that this was a band who did things their own way. Now, spurned on by the success of their , Eastwood Guitars is releasing two new Devo instruments: the “Whip It” guitar and the “Be Stiff” bass.

“Whip It” Guitar

Devo Guitar Whip It Eastwood

Bob1’s “Whip It” guitar was a Les Paul with the lower horn cut off and flipped over. It is a 24 3/4″ scale guitar, mahogany body with maple top, set maple neck, dual humbuckers, dual volume and tone controls with a stop tail and a dark cherry finish. And you can pick up one of Eastwood’s recreations for a mere $499 each, secured with a $150 deposit. As of this writing it’s already exceeded the pledge target to go into production, with 25 days to go.

Back in March, the official Devo Facebook page posted:

“GOOD NEWS! Robert “Bob 1” Mothersbaugh has been re-united with his original “Whip It” guitar!

The guitar that Bob 1 used in DEVO’s “Whip It” video is back in his hands after many years of being in the possession of an old friend, Tom Corey (bass player of Los Angeles band, The Fibonaccis). Tom passed away some time ago, and recently his widow got in touch with us to offer to give the guitar back.

Bob talks more about the history of the guitar: “I bought the guitar because a guitar synth i was experimenting with needed a guitar with lots of wood. I thought the guitar looked too arena rock so I cut off the horn with a jigsaw. I was playing with the piece I cut off and realized it looked cool when it was turned around, so I glued it back on.”

“Be Stiff” Bass

Devo Guitar Be Stiff Eastwood Bass

Jerry’s “Be Stiff” Bass will feature a 30 1/2″ scale bass with two pickups, 3 way switching and single volume and tone controls. The mahogany body with maple neck, body color is orange, with black headstock and neck back. Again it’ll be only $499 with a $150 deposit. It’s already at 95% pledged with 25 days to go.