Preorder Mike Keneally’s Scambot 2!

Scambot 2 Cover_300

Great news for Mike Keneally fans! Mike’s forthcoming album Scambot 2 is now open for preorders for the 2-CD special edition, and if you order it now you’ll get a download of the album as soon as your payment is processed. The first disc is Scambot 2 while the second is INKLING (More from the Scambot 2 Sessions).

Mike says:

“Both albums are handsomely contained within a frequently blue package, with many absurd drawings and a lengthy story continuing the epic tale of Scambot and the other humans, animals and deities in his life. There’s a 24-page booklet for Scambot 2, and an additional 8-page booklet for Inkling, both nestled within the attractive digipak.

How to describe the music? Well, Scambot 1 was a dense, mostly instrumental and pretty darn abstract listen, so Scambot 2 may take you by surprise with its more melodic and accessible (for me, anyway) nature. I really wanted to write a bunch of songs, as opposed to compose a bunch of pieces, and that’s what happened. From the multi-movement epic “In The Trees” to the rocking “Roots Twist” and “Roll” to the lilting “Sam” to the twangy “Constructed” to the proggity “Buzz” and “Clipper” to the… well I’ll stop describing the songs, you’ll hear them soon enough I hope.”

Can’t wait! Go order it now!