PRESS RELEASE: Periphery, the D.C.-based prog innovators, will return with their new album Periphery III: Select Difficulty on July 22nd. Periphery’s most recent releases, the Juggernaut albums (Alpha and Omega), debuted at #15 and #16 on Billboard’s Top Album chart and #22 and #25 on the ARIA chart. The conceptual releases were hailed by outlets for their modern take on prog; Rolling Stone dubbed the albums “a prog-metal opera,” Alternative Press said the release “ushers in new wave of heavy” and Outburn said the albums “most likely changed the face of modern progressive metal as we know it.”

Periphery III: Select Difficulty is finally complete and we’re extremely excited to show everyone.” said guitar player Jake Bowen. “For the past couple of years we’ve been refining our collaborative process as a band and we feel that it’s only getting better with the completion of this album. We spent two months writing songs that are not only representative of the Periphery sound but also reflect where all of us are as musicians, working together has helped us tread new ground musically and creatively.”