KAI Technology, Inc. has unveiled a new music/audio accessory called the m.e.™ (master enhancer) that will dramatically improve the sound quality and audio experience from any set of headphones or speakers. The new gadget from KAI Technology, which launched earlier today on Kickstarter, has many uses, is about the size of a matchbook and aimed at those consumers, audiophiles and musicians “who are ready for a better music/audio experience that is tuned to what the human ear wants to hear.”

“The m.e.™ was engineered to hear every sound, instrument, and note with unmatched clarity. Plug it into any device and HEAR EVERYTHING!,” said John Kasha, CEO and founder of Kai Technology who produces the m.e.™. “Because once you hear your music through the m.e.™, there is no way you’ll ever want to hear it any other way again.”