PLINI’s ‘Handmade Cities’ Out Now! Hear The Title Track

24-year-old progressive Sydney guitarist/musician PLINI released his highly anticipated debut full-length album, Handmade Cities today! The self-produced and self-managed sensation has developed a worldwide following after 3 highly successful and independently released EPs, a corresponding transcription book, numerous endorsements and a string of sold-out shows in the USA with Intervals; amassing over 5 million views on YouTube, with tens of thousands of fans on Facebook in all corners of the internet.

The record features world-class performances from Australian drummer phenomenon Troy Wright and bassist Simon Grove (The Helix Nebula) and artwork by long-time collaborator Alex Pryle. From PLINI, “I imagine each of these pieces as soundtracks to different narratives and urban spaces. Some are real, some are imaginary, some are both. When we were recording drums, there were many moments where Troy was interpreting certain rhythms completely differently to me. In the same way, I had a very specific concept for this collection of tunes and artwork, but I find it exciting that, being instrumental music, where it takes the listener could be completely different to what I intended.”

Catch PLINI on tour: with Intervals in SEPTEMBER
Thu 1st Brisbane @ BRIGHTSIDE
Sat 3rd Melbourne @ MAX WATTS
Fri 9th Adelaide @ FAT CONTROLLER
Sat 10th Perth @ AMPLIFIER