Fender’s new ’57 Custom Tweed series of guitar amps are available now! These represent a range of eminently useful “tone machines” that complement almost any style of music, from studio to stage to aren, aimed at both vintage connoisseurs and today’s guitarists. “The ’57 Custom amps capture the essence of the highly-collectible originals, with thoughtful player-centric tweaks added for today’s player,” says Jim Ninesling, Vice President Fender Amplifiers and Pro Audio. “They represent the culmination of a 12-year journey, from our highly successful ’57 reissues and Eric Clapton Signature amps to the landscape of today.”

unspecified-2’57 Custom Pro-Amp

The 28-watt hand-wired ’57 Custom Pro-Amp replicates classic Fender tone. The combo guitar amplifier is built around a vintage all-tube circuit with rich clarity and smooth overdrive. The amp features a single 15” 8-ohm Eminence® Special Design speaker, original 5E5A circuit with newly sourced coupling capacitors, 12AY7 preamp tube and Schumacher transformers. Other features include classic aesthetic appointments comprised of tweed coverings, chickenhead control knobs and a top-mounted control panel. The amplifier also includes a protective cover.

unspecified-3’57 Custom Twin-Amp™

The ’57 Custom Twin-Amp is a responsive 40-watt, hand-wired, all-tube combo guitar amp that adds clear, expressive tone to a player’s sound. Two 12AY7 preamp tubes, are included in the original 5E8A circuit, along with Mercury transformers. Other features include two newly designed 12” Eminence® Special Design alnico speakers, a pair of dual inputs that accommodates multiple instruments and varying output levels, as well as a protective amp cover.unspecified-1’57 Custom Deluxe™

The two-channel ’57 Custom Deluxe 12-watt combo amplifier was based off of the original highly sought-after collector’s piece. The classic all-tube 5E3 circuit is updated with premium coupling capacitors, a 12AY7 preamp tube and Mercury Magnetics transformers. Other features include a newly designed single 12” 8-ohm Eminence® Special Design alnico speaker, improved volume pot tapers on both channels and a protective cover.

’57 Custom Champ®

One of the most popular amplifiers lives again in the 5-watt, hand-wired, all-tube ’57 Custom Champ. The updated Fender 5F1 circuit gives the amp its heightened dynamic response and sweet sounding tube overdrive when pushed. A 12AY7 preamp tube matched to a 6V6 power amp tube generates this in-demand overdrive. Other features include a single 8” 4-ohm Weber Special Design alnico speaker, dual 1/4” inputs that accommodate a variety of instruments and a protective cover.