Prepaway – Guide to Salesforce ADM-201 Certification Exam

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Prepaway – Guide to PrepAway Certification Exam

For a new administrator, the Salesforce Administrator certification is the sign of a successful career in the IT field. This credential shows the skill and expertise an individual possesses along with the commitment to it. This certificate allows a person to increase the chances for job employment and salary compensation. It also provides you with a platform of knowledge to explore and learn from. Let us discover why the Salesforce certifications in administration area must-have for you.

Why Should You Get Certified?

The question is, why not to? According to the PrepAway salary survey, about 77% of the certified professionals have the Salesforce Administrator credential. It was also recorded that about 39% were awarded an increase in salary after getting certified. Living in a competitive world, the perks of being certified exceeds the leisure of it. The certificate not only makes you a more professional employee but also improves your career majorly.

When getting certified, you need to know which certification is best for you. It mainly depends on your nature of work and the objectives you have aimed at. Salesforce is reevaluating the credentials for people to adapt to the Salesforce ecosystem according to their choice.

Salesforce Certified Administrator

This is the basic certificate carefully chosen by those individuals who would like to jump into being a professional administrator. You must pass a 105-minute exam with 60 questions to answer, and get a score not less than 65%.

Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator

This certification, as its name suggests, is a bit more advanced and difficult one. It can only be taken by those who have already obtained the aforementioned certificate. This credential is for a seriously skilled administrator.

Highlights of PrepAway Exam

The ADM-201 certification test comes with 60 multiple-choice questions that should be answered within 105 minutes. The passing score is 65%.The Salesforce website has already put on the percentage of the exam content it will cover. It includesAppExchange – 1%, organization setup – 3%, standard and custom objects – 15%, desktop and mobile administration – 1%, sales and marketing applications – 15%, activity management and collaboration – 3%, service and support applications – 12%, analytics – 10%, security and access – 14%, user setup – 6%, data management – 8%, workflow/process automation – 12%.

The weight if each topic is in accordance with the knowledge and information needed. Designed for the administrator experts, thisSalesforce exam is intended to measure the ability of individuals in their practicality and experience.

Preparation Tools for PrepAway Exam

We have mentioned the difficulty and the types of credentials you can choose from. Now, when you have decided which one to choose, you might consider preparing for it. The best way for preparation is to devise a proper study plan with good study materials and resources you can learn from. This includes online training courses, books, practice questions, and hands-on experience to solidify your concepts. Let us take a look at the most recommended training tools available.

  • Salesforce Training/Tutorials. When searching for the best training resources, the official website is the one to opt for. It provides instructor-led courses, which give you a complete overview. About 35 hours of video tutorials are available on this platform, which you can effortlessly access online.
  • Official Salesforce Course. It is a five-day course that covers up the basic fundamentals of administration. This includes configuring, maintaining, and installingthe Salesforce organization applications. It will also give you an overview of certain features and capabilities of apps along with data management, and etc.
  • Virtual Courses.Apart from the aforementioned training course, you can also opt for virtual courses that last for a brief time but are worth it. For instance, the CRT-101 course lasts a day, but it covers the major elements for you to understand. The benefit of this training is that you will be presented some real-life case scenarios, which you will have to analyze, put in your strategy, and figure out the solution to it. These exercises not only help you further your learning but also improve your problem-solving ability.

Another course known as the Salesforce Proficiency Pack for Administrators is also a must-have resource. It is a 30-day course with 2 hours to invest in everyday, making it an ideal choice for you. Another benefit includes free vouchers for the Salesforce Administration exam, and you can automatically pay for the certification test in your course fee as well.

  • Exam Dumps. Braindumps is another way to get a full-on revision of learning you have done. It will give you a cheat sheet that you can take help from. However, the question is how to choose a trustworthy platform that can provide exam dumps that guarantee your success. PrepAway is the choice you have to make since it offers you a plethora of genuine dumps that will help you pass your certification test.
  • Practice Tests. They are the next thing you ought to do. There are many sites that offer unique bundles and practice questions. These practice questions are sorted out by the IT experts. They also replicate the Salesforce exam environment by putting up difficult and tricky questions. PrepAway is one of the platforms where you canPrepAway get access to numerous practice questions and sessions that will allow you to measure your abilities and improve further in your preparation.

Final Exam Tips

First and foremost, the only thing you can do is to be positive, that’s all that matters. After preparing for your ADM-201 exam, you should always have a revision schedule and notes that you can review after reading the content. Always remember to complete the exam objectives, which are mentioned in the official study guide. Lastly, make flashcards to help you quickly review all the topics you have previously learned.