Introducing Fos, a tube guitar overdrive by Eon Research

Here’s a press release I just received about something that looks pretty badass!

Eon Research, a new audio design and manufacturing house from Greece, is announcing its debut product, Fos. It is a tube guitar overdrive created to draw a new path in the musician world. Fos is using a vintage russian miniature tube as the active part of its fully analog design while it utilizes a nixie tube for display purposes. This extreme high gain design has the ability to drive (and overdrive…) any amplifier with its deep, fat sound. The whole circuit is built with selected high quality parts and is housed in a chassis made from mirror-polished steel and exotic wood hand finished with beeswax. 

Fos will be released in 99 numbered pieces at the end of October 2019.

Eon Research is a company specialized in design and manufacturing of innovative, transparent sounding audio gear for the professional and musician market. Eon uses specially selected parts and techniques in order to provide that bit of warm, organic sound that is usually missing from most modern gear.