Twitch and YouTube and stuff

Hey so …I kinda hate being on camera, but it’s time I knuckled down and did this, yeah?

Once upon a time, people bookmarked the blogs they liked, or they followed them in an RSS reader, and a blogger could write an article and count on it reaching their audience. But that’s just not how people consume content any more; they tend to wait for it to drift through their social media feed. And they tend to watch reviews rather than read them now. Which frankly I think is a good thing because it lets you hear the gear being reviewed, even though I think the best approach is ‘in-depth text review plus video demo.’

But my crushing anxiety about appearing on camera has always gotten in the way of me being a YouTube guy. And I think I just need to get over it. So I’ve started streaming stuff on Twitch (which I’m also publishing on my YouTube channel) and I’ll be doing more YouTube reviews.

So if you’ve followed this site for the 10+ years I’ve been doing it, I hope you’ll give me a chance to get used to this whole ‘being on camera’ thing. I’m a shy guy and most of what I have to say comes out of my fingers either into a guitar or into an article. But the changing media landscape is what it is and I gotta change with it, just as I did when I started I Heart Guitar.

So with that in mind, here are a couple of the live videos I’ve broadcast on Twitch the last couple of days. These are just me noodling and jamming for fun, because guitar is fun, dammit! I would really appreciate it if you subscribe to my Twitch or YouTube channels so you can keep up with this stuff. And you never know when I might live-stream a little noodle-session with a piece of gear I’m reviewing for a magazine.