Jasmine S35 Acoustic Review – Best Cheap Guitar for Beginners

Guitars are best friends of musicians. They are relatively easy to learn, and they are cheap. You don’t have to be a pro rock star to handle a guitar. Every musician and singer starts by learning this instrument. If you are buying your first guitar, you wouldn’t know where to go and what to choose.

Here’s a piece of advice for all beginners: buy a cheap guitar that has every functionality a guitarist looks for. You don’t know how long you will have the hobby of the guitar. You are more likely to learn it if you have learned other instruments. But you might not have the patience if it’s your first instrument. Buying a cheaper guitar will be easy on your pocket and there won’t be much big of waste if you switch your focus.

The next question would be about the guitar model to buy. We are looking for “cheap” and “full-fledged”, and the Jasmine S35 Acoustic guitar perfectly fits this description. This article is a review of Jasmine S35 to help you decide if this should be your choice.

This is the kind of guitar that you can give your young siblings or kids to take school with them. They will learn a thing or two and you will have peace of mind due to its low price. If you would still be worried, you can use a phone tracker app to ensure they only go to school and come back home.

The body is made of spruce with a laminated top. If you’re wondering why not a solid top, this guitar costs only about $99, and a solid top adds to the price. One of the disadvantages to a laminated top is that you lose tonal fidelity. The vibrations generated at the top of the guitar are interrupted between the different slices of pieces. Though most musicians won’t notice, it slightly degrades the quality of sound, whereas a solid top will improve with age and is a great choice for a pro-level guitar further down the line.

It has a Nato neck, which is quite similar to mahogany. Nato is a durable wood that doesn’t compromise on sound quality, and it’s cost effective. Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar has a scale of 25.5 inches with 20 frets and a fretboard of 12 inches radius.

Jasmine S35 has a natural volume and good projection. Furthermore, these tones are balanced and offer a great sustain.