The Devin Townsend Stormbender is a gorgeous guitar, as anyone who has got their mitts on one will know. But it’s also dang pricey. So Framus has just announced a new, more affordable version of the instrument. It’s no budget cheapie though: it’s part of the company’s D-Series, crafted in China to a very high standard, and it’s still gonna cost you a fair chunk o’cash, just not the super high prices a Teambuilt or Masterbuilt Stormbender made in Germany would cost ya.

The most obvious differences from the Teambuilt Stormbender that it most closely resembles are the use of a Tune-o-Matic bridge and Stop tailpiece instead of an EverTune system, and the absence of any fancy inlay at the 12th fret. Otherwise you might be hard-pressed to spot a difference. It comes with Devin’s signature Fishman Fluence pickups, AAAA flamed Maple veneer top, set-neck construction, 25.5″ scale length, 12″ fretboard radius… basically it’s a damn nice guitar that still sits in a higher price bracket but nowhere near the six grand that a Teambuilt will cost you here in Australia. (I haven’t even looked at the Masterbuilt prices because I’m too scared).

If you haven’t heard it yet, Devin was on the I Heart Guitar podcast a little while ago. Listen to it here.

Speaking of the Stormbender, you ever seen Devin’s rainbow one? I adore this guitar.

And if you’d like to know more about the Stormbender in general, check out this video:

And of course the song that gives the guitar its name!