Nothing beats the growl of a P90 pickup and they sound great with plenty of gain, but you know what happens to a single coil when you reach for that ‘drive’ knob: you’re also amplifying the single-coil hum. DiMarzio’s Fantom P90 takes a new approach to the noiseless P90 by incorporating four coils, and it’s available in Soapbar, Dog Ear and full-size humbucker-cover configurations so you can get those classic tones out of nearly anything. Here’s the press release:


Staten Island, N.Y., January 13, 2020 — DiMarzio, Inc. announces the release of the Fantom P90™ with Full-size Humbucker Cover (DP279), Fantom P90™ Dog Ear (DP278D), and Fantom P90™ Soapbar (DP278S) pickups for electric guitars.

We don’t have to convince you that vintage P90 pickups are special. You already love their thick mid-range grittiness and growl, their creamy single-notes, and their harmonic bloom.

The only drawback has been that P90s are noisy.

DiMarzio’s challenge was to create a hum-canceling pickup that fit into a P90 cover yet retained the classic nuance, sound, and appearance of a Fifties P90.

Our patent-pending design breaks new ground in guitar pickup development, and uses four coils to give you a P90 without the hum. So go ahead and crank up your amp without fear of the hum.

The Fantom P90™ is designed to work in all positions, and is available in three styles: Soapbar, Dog Ear, or mounted into a full-size humbucking cover.

DiMarzio’s Fantom P90™ Model pickups are made in the U.S.A. and may now be ordered for immediate delivery. Suggested List Price for the Fantom P90™ with Full-size Humbucker Cover is $169.99 (MAP $124.99) and the Fantom P90™ Dog Ear and Soapbar models are $149.99 (MAP $114.99) each. For more information about the Fantom P90™ pickups, please visit our website at