4 Secrets of Working in the Entertainment Industry

If your dream is to work in the entertainment industry, you probably know what a challenge it is to break in – and, even then the odds of making millions are pretty slim. The average salary is just over $63,000 a year, according to ZipRecruiter. For the best chance at success, even if you simply hope to enjoy making a living at something you enjoy, follow these insider industry tips.

Be a Master in Your Craft

If you have just average skills, you’re unlikely to get very far. Whether you’re interested in acting, composing, film production or something else, nearly every role in this industry requires hard work and dedication to your craft. Study the job descriptions that interest you and make sure you have the skill sets they’re seeking – if you don’t, get training or learn it some other way, or be prepared to get passed over for someone else who has the talent.

Be Willing to Accept Very Low or No Pay to Get Experience

The entertainment industry is highly saturated and competitive. That means that you’ll probably have to be willing to take on jobs for very low or no pay in order to get the necessary experience whether you’re looking to work as a makeup artist, an actor or anything else. If you can get an internship, you’ll have the chance to network with professionals, which can be crucial in this field. Work for a local television or radio station, in college theater productions or any other venue that makes sense for the entertainment career that you’re hoping to embark on. Your best bet for entering the world of entertainment is through a referral from an insider, which means building your network and nurturing those contacts, being involved in the industry as much as you can so that you’ll hear about potential jobs.

Be Confident

Confidence is key and it’s something that truly can’t be underestimated, especially in this industry. There’s no place for someone who is weak-hearted in show business – during the early stages, it can be especially rough with audition after audition, constant criticism and rejection are the norm. Exuding confidence can make you the winner in any interview or audition. While it’s normal to feel a bit nervous, you don’t want to let it show: stand up tall, don’t slump; smile and don’t be afraid to show how passionate you are about getting the job. Keep in mind that the more you practice, the more confident you’re like to become. Of course, there is also a line you don’t want to cross by being arrogant either.

Consider Every Avenue For Getting the Word Out About Your Talents

Even if you have the confidence and all the skills, it can still be very difficult to get paid work. One of the most important ingredients when it comes to success is to be able to market yourself and the talent you have to offer. And then what happens if you get a job through an agent that takes a significant portion of what you finally earn? One great way to do it without having to give someone else a big cut is to consider a live talent agency, perhaps an app where you’ll be showcased to those who are specifically looking for someone like you, whether you’re a comedian, an actor, singer, magician or something else.