If you’ve chosen to learn how to play the electric guitar, you’ve probably started cataloging some material you like to learn. Maybe you decided to teach yourself the instrument with some online course, or perhaps you decided to take lessons from a teacher, or enthusiast, you know. Whatever your path may be, here are 5 things you should know before start learning the electric guitar.

Listen to a lot of music, but listen actively

Try to understand its part. Learn the names of those who play it, deepening the various aspects, from the history to the type of instruments used, to the sounds. When you listen to a song you like, notice the passages that fascinate you and that you can’t explain to yourself how the guitarist performed them. Ask yourself questions: sometimes you will find the answers, and sometimes you won’t. Passion feeds on your constant curiosity!

If you’ve never picked up a guitar, start there

If you have to choose the guitar, inquire about the market. You should know what the market offers and what you are looking for first. If you want something specialized for a particular genre, you will need to study carefully different styles. If you want a versatile instrument because you still don’t know what you want to play, a good electric guitar for beginners could be a useful idea for those who have never played the guitar.

To avoid giving up, make your choices

Deciding what your goals are is the first step you need to take after you bought your equipment. If you don’t pick a goal, as soon as you run into difficulties, you will have doubts. Do you want to become a rhythmic guitarist? A soloist? Do you want to show off in front of your friends? No answer is wrong. The guitar is an instrument with an immense history and culture. Let it inspire you to focus only on what you want to do. If you are not interested in playing in a group, is it worth learning the solfege? Learning the rest will only take time and dedication. It is better to set a reachable goal to achieve to build a skill.

Think about creating new habits

Take the time to build the foundation of your skills. Three months may be too few to get a precise idea of what to order, both as regards the further teaching material, and as regards the selection of a good electric guitar that will help you reach the next level. Experiment with the material you have and approach various styles to refine yours. Also, consider the weight factor during your travels. Passion eliminates fatigue, but details such as weight or aesthetics can affect your mood. To keep up, you need to develop your habits by understanding how you respond to the outer stress that learning implies.

It’s all about balance

A good music theory book is a precious resource that will keep on giving. It is not enough to own an electric guitar. You have to study the theory with the instrument in your hands. As with any method, there are many ways to teach the theory. Many of the most famous guitarists have written at least one manual regarding their method or their musical journey. Find a course on theory and harmony and make plans to attend to it. Make sure to find a manual that guides you through the exercises with theoretical arguments that give you the certainty of having mastered the subject.