Dreaming of a Career of Systems Administrator? Start with Passing Microsoft 70-411 Exam and Use Exam Dumps to Help You

I know a lot of guitar players who work in IT, and here’s some info I’m sharing for those who might want to use this current downtime to pick up some new skills to make themselves more employable – so they can buy more guitars, hehe.

The Microsoft 70-411 exam is one of the steps you need to follow to obtain the MCSAWindows Server 2012 certification. This exam checks your knowledge on administering Windows Server 2012 and tackling different tasks related to its infrastructure. Also, 70-411 is suitable for system administrators who want to upgrade their competencies and increase their chances to be accepted for a high-paid job. 

This article will show you what you need to know to pass 70-411 exam easily and what are the most helpful training resources available on Microsoft website and other platforms. Also, you will learn more about how to use exam dumps in the right way so as to more likely obtain a passing score and as follows all the benefits like a high annual salary which will come with this MCSA credential. But firstly, let’s find out what are the duties of systems administrators.

What Does a Systems Administrator Do?

This professional is responsible for troubleshooting and finding solutions whenever a hardware component cracks. His/her job duties also consist of making sure that the peripheral systems work without interruption. Also, the systems administrator should develop a recovery policy, ensuring business continuity. Security is also an important duty of a systems administrator. The person working in this position is responsible for developing an identity management policy and ensures that everyone working in the organization has the right permissions Microsoft MCSA 70-411 Practice Tests Questions. 

How Much Does a Systems Administrator Earn?

According to Payscale.com research, a systems administrator wins around $61k annually. The benchmark for this type of job varies between $42k to $87k. 

General Dynamics Information Technology Inc, Leidos, and Raytheon Co. to name a few offer salaries on the mentioned range for such specialists. The lowest salary is paid by the U.S. Army and is around $45k for a year. The highest salary is paid by Northrop Grumman Corporation— it reaches the point of $122k per annum. These opportunities will motivate you to know more about 70-411 assessment.

Skills Tested During Microsoft 70-411 Exam

70-411test is the second step you need to make on your path to the MCSA Windows Server 2012 credential. Prior to this exam, you will have to pass the Microsoft 70-410 and the third assessment is 70-412 by code.Now, let’s turn to 70-411 exam. Its structure is split into six sections: 

  • Server management, maintenance, and deployment;
  • Print services and files configuration; 
  • Access and network services configuration; 
  • Development of an infrastructure for network policy server;
  • Active Directory management and configuration;
  • Group policy management and configuration.

To learn all these topics on the required level you need to find reliable study materials that will help you obtain the passing score from the first attempt. Further, we’ll share with you some options you can overview and choose the most suitable ones. Let’s start with the official Microsoft resources https://www.certbolt.com .

Microsoft Training Resources for 70-411 Exam 

While the job of a systems administrator requires advanced knowledge on Windows Server 2012 infrastructure, candidates for 70-411 exam will have to pay in-depth attention to training and preparation. The certification vendor provides you with several study resources listed below.

Exam-takers can start with the instructor-led training tolearn from Microsoft certified experts on how to manage and handle the features of Windows Server 2012. This course lasts for five days during which the trainers will answer all your questions related to the exam topics.

The prep video, a self-paced course, and books available in Microsoft Press Store are also very efficient in training for 70-411 test. These options are suitable for those who don’t have enough time to attend the instructor-led training or those who are insistent enough to study effectively on their own.Once you feel that you got all the needed knowledge, you can access the Microsoft official practice test. Apart from checking if you are prepared enough to take 70-411, this test will help you get used to the exam’s environment and decrease the stress that you will feel in the test’s day. 

Exam Dumps — Your Chance to Try the Exam Beforehand

Microsoft resources are very efficient and offer comprehensive knowledge on 70-411 exam topics but still there are some materials on the internet that will advance your progress. For example, using free sets of questions and answers or even Premium Bundles from the ExamSnap website will increase your chances to obtain the passing score from the first attempt.Their free exam dumps are constantly uploaded by successful past exam-takers and allow you to understand the exam contents and structure better.

The Premium Bundle for 70-411 test is available once you pay an affordable fee of $39.97. With it, you will get access to a verified vce file which is constantly updated in case Microsoft announces any changes in the exam. Apart from it, you will also get a training course and a study guide. All files downloaded from the ExamSnap website can be opened in theVCE Exam Simulator. This software brings also a great advantage as it helps you understand the exam’s structure, get used to the timing and explore the tiniest details of the exam.

Nevertheless, to gain the needed help from exam dumps, you should use them right. This means that you shouldn’t memorize all the questions and answers but revise what you already know. These materials will provide you with detailed explanations of the tasks you don’t understand well. Also, you can see what topics still need your attention and in a little time become absolutely prepared.


The Microsoft 70-411 exam can become the winning ticket for anyone who wants to work as a systems administrator in a multinational company. This test along with 70-410 and 70-412 will help you earn the MCSAWindows Server 2012 certification. The exam’s difficulty level is highso you should use all the available materials like exam dumps and the resources provided by Microsoft to ace it from the first attempt. Then, numerous benefits in the form of recognition and higher pay among the rest will be a great price for your efforts.