App Review: Declutter The Mind


If you follow me on social media you’ve probably seen me be pretty open about my battles with anxiety. Hey you’ve probably even helped me get through some insomnia. And with this whole lockdown situation, stress levels are pretty high in general. So I thought I’d give the Declutter The Mind app a try.

There are lots of meditation apps out there and for a while I felt like like the best thing for me was just to put on a rain sound generator and zone out. But that’s not a very active experience and doesn’t particularly address specific issues: am I anxious? Do I need to wind down? Do I just need a little time for myself? My various rain apps don’t address that at all. Declutter The Mind has daily guided meditations to introduce you to different types of practices and concepts, which appeals to me because what works one day might not be the right fit for another day. And I’m the kind of person who likes to have some control over what they’re putting into their brain. So Declutter The Mind is great for that because everything is described quite clearly. There’s a 30-day Mindfulness course designed for beginners, but more advanced meditators can find things that work for them too. You can set the length of time from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, and save your favourites. 

Meditations are divided into categories including Essentials, Mindfulness, Anxiety & Stress, Sleep & Relaxation, Managing Emotions, Mental Health, Productivity and an Unguided category, plus an Emergency category which includes a quick relaxing visualisation and a breathing exercise, easily accessible for when you need ‘em. I particularly like the Mental Health section, which includes guided meditations for Mindfulness for Suffering, Loving Kindness for Self Love, Loving Kindness for Gratitude, Loving Kindness for Forgiveness, and Visualisation for Depression. Some of the meditations are pretty specific, like the Flying Anxiety one included in the Anxiety and Stress category.

I’ve done guided meditations before and I’ve always found the same thing: the first couple of attempts don’t quite click because I’m too in-my-head about what’s happening. But once I get over that initial phase, I’m all good. It’s the same as floatation tanks, which I love: my first few sessions didn’t really ‘work’ because I was too distracted by the novelty of it all, but after a few tries I really started to get a lot out of it. 

I can highly recommend Declutter The Mind, especially now during these stressful times. And I know a lot of my fellow musicians can benefit from the kind of focus and peace that these guided meditations can help provide.