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Total Guitar
Blog of the Week (September 2010): I Heart Guitar “Peter, who lives with his wife and four year-old son in Melbourne, was already a freelance writer for several Australian music-making magazines when he started the blog in 2008.

“I’ve been lucky to get some great interviews like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Dave Mustaine, Zakk Wylde, Ace Frehley, Bob Taylor, John Petrucci and Paul Gilbert (who wrote a guest post about one of his Ibanez Fireman customs),” says Peter. “But the most enjoyable (and time-consuming) part is writing gear reviews.”

“I also write the occasional off-kilter opinion piece to satisfy my secret dream of being a comedy writer! I try to keep the site a positive place and I hope my enthusiasm for the guitar and the music it produces comes through.”

He’s no slouch as a player either and Peter was crowned Melbourne’s Best Shredder in 2004 (sponsored by awesome Aussie radio station Triple M), not to mention gigging with his own band The Upperhand and playing as a session musician.”

Guitar International
Great Guitar Blogs: I Heart Guitar (July 2010):
“In my discussions with guitar bloggers I’ve noticed that many of them enter the field as either full-time web designers who played guitar, or full-time guitarists who did web design. While this is true in many cases, Hodgson has taken a different route on his journey to becoming a guitar blogger. For one, he didn’t really have a technological background, but what he did have was an extensive track record as a performer and music journalist for Australian music magazines such as Mixdown, Australian Guitar and Australian Musician Magazine.”

Premier Guitar
Tech – What Is Twitter? (May 2009) – Perhaps the most interesting reads, however, are the many guitar bloggers on Twitter. Bloggers like I Heart Guitar’s Peter Hodgson and Guitar Noize’s Jon Bloomer both post regularly, from what they’re listing to at the moment to guitar news and everything in between.

Twitter Map (July 2009)

Guitar Edge
Article on I Heart Guitar – “This guitar blog maintained by Peter Hodgson is a rapidly growing site, thanks in large part to his prolific yet engaging Twitter presence. Updated daily with industry news, press releases, new gear announcements, and occasional interviews, it’s readily apparent that Hodgson truly does “heart guitar.”

While most of the posts are press releases for new gear, Hodgson is as current on it as anyone out there, even beating a few more established “corporate” guitar sites to the punch on many of them. He’s also secured some pretty big names for interviews, including recent chats with Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis (June 29) and Chickenfoot’s Joe Satriani (June 16).”

Jemsite Blog
We Heart Hodgson (July 2009)– “Some great news came my way the other day. Peter Hodgson, the hip guitarist who writes the I Heart Guitar blog, is being featured on DiMarzio Inc., maker of some of the best guitar pickups in the world. They’re using clips of his guitar playing on their website to showcase their John Petrucci (Dream Theater) signature pickups, the Crunch Lab 7 and LiquFire 7.”

Top Guitars Blogs – “iheartguitar is making waves not only online, but in print. This blog is pure professionalism. His content is very well written and the writer (Peter) flows with knowledge, and his website’s name [iheartguitar] is the perfect name for Peter, because he truly does love guitars. Read his blog and you’ll quickly see how passionate he really is. Keep up the good work Peter!”