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The BOSS RE-20 Space Echo

space echoWhen you’re talking about a digital piece of gear that replicates a classic of the past, the true test is in how successfully it convinces those who are used to the old-school analog version. When it comes to the Roland RE-20 Space Echo, Monster Magnet’s Dave Wyndorf is convinced: “Roland has a digital Space Echo, which sounds like it would be ridiculous, but they did it,” he said back in 2009. “They actually made it sound really, really awesome.” Continue reading

Reverb’s Favourite Reverbs

BOSSThe folks over at Reverb.com have put together a run-down of their favourite reverb pedals, after doing a similar article about delay pedals a while ago. There are some obvious (i.e.: classic) choices and some surprising ones as well. From the article: “Given our name, it was only a matter of time before we pulled together our top reverb picks. Styles and technologies have evolved, but going back to the wall-of-sound of the ’60s and the gated snares of the ’80s, reverb has found its way into virtually all forms of popular music. Today, musicians have more reverb tools than ever to explore. Here are some of our favorites.” Go check it out!

IK Multimedia and Orange “Tiny Terror” Giveaway

amplitube_orange_iosPRESS RELEASE: IK Multimedia, the global leader in digital modelling technology, announced a collaboration with Orange Amplification® to kick off the exciting release of AmpliTube Orange for iPhone/iPad by giving musicians the chance to win over $2200 in hardware and software music creation prizes! Entries will be accepted on the IK Multimedia website through April 30th, 2014!

“We’ve been creating amp-modelling gear for over 12 years now and you have GOT to hear it to believe us when we say: this is the best one yet – AmpliTube Orange is a real-time mobile Orange amplifier and effects studio featuring digital models of 5 classic and modern Orange guitar amplifiers and one Orange bass amplifier. Each amp and cab model has been meticulously recreated, both visually and in sound to deliver spot-on Orange tone any time, everywhere.” 
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Ultimate Custom Taylor Sweepstakes

844PRESS RELEASE: To celebrate 40 years of crafting exceptional guitars, Taylor Guitars has teamed with Ultimate Ears, the leader in custom in-ear monitors used by musicians around the globe, to offer one lucky fan the chance of a lifetime: to build their own custom Taylor guitar at the Taylor Guitars factory in Southern California, matched with special edition custom in-ear monitors from Ultimate Ears, adorned with ebony wood supplied by Taylor. The winner of the Ultimate Custom Taylor Sweepstakes and a guest will experience the intricacies of Taylor’s guitar-building processes through an exclusive behind-the-scenes factory tour, work with Taylor’s custom guitar experts to select wood for their custom guitar, and enjoy a meet-and-greet with company co-founder Bob Taylor. Continue reading

Keneally-Bendian-Lunn US Tour

From the latest Mike Keneally ‘Keneallist’ email: It’s me. Hey! I’m pleased as peanut to present the vital details for the Keneally-Bendian-Lunn May 2014 Tour. Dates and all info are below. We shall build boldly upon lessons learned and visions glimpsed. We will leave no stone unturned in providing you good people with a stupidly memorable musical experience. I’m dag excited to have the opportunity to explore with Gregg and Doug over a series of gigs lasting a couple of weeks. I know things are going to get nuts out there, in a good way.

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Gay Paris: Support The Dark Arts!

From Pledgemusic: Throughout 2013, Gay Paris toured The Last Good Party like it was a religious experience – lives were changed, memories were made and lost and the world will never be the same. In the aftermath of their self-aggrandising Odyssey, the band regrouped, poured drinks and got back to doing what they’re best at (arguably after getting the party started): writing songs. Gay Paris are hitting the studio for album number three – and this time, it’s international. Everyone’s favourite party boys will be heading to San Francisco to revisit their work/drink relationship with super-producer Sam Pura on his home turf – Panda Studios. Whilst the guys have promised that “they’re all heavy songs”, the new writing direction will see our brave heroes reaching into Pandora’s box and leaving no intimate untouched. Things are going to get weird. Continue reading

Paul Reed Smith Jams With Alter Bridge

Mastodon Releases New Track ‘High Road’

Mastodon-high-road-artPRESS RELEASE: Mastodon has unveiled a brand new song “High Road” from their forthcoming album, ONCE MORE ‘ROUND THE SUN, produced by Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Rush, Alice In Chains, Deftones). Go to: www.mastodonrocks.com to listen now. Mastodon band members had this to say about the new song: “I wrote that on a day off while we were on tour in Luxembourg. I was sitting in this rainy city on a Sunday, and nothing was open. I felt like I needed to write something to reflect how I was feeling. I started banging on a guitar. I was thinking Neurosis and The Melvins low-tuned with a little more pop sensibility for the chorus.” – Bill Kelliher Continue reading

Jon Bon Jovi Is A Cowboy. You Won’t Believe What His Horse Is Made Out Of.

cowboy Continue reading

Michael Kelly Guitars 1950′s Series

MK1953BJWMichael Kelly Guitars announces the new 1950’s Series line of single cut guitars.  They’re available in five distinct models, and following their unique “Boutique Within Reach” approach of producing instruments, Michael Kelly Guitars builds these axes with the features, fit, finish and playability of those respected high end, low quantity builders but at affordable prices.
From the press release:
The electric guitar dramatically changed the world of popular music during the 50’s and this new line pays tribute. The 1950’s Series offers features and sonic capabilities of those memorable sounds but with modern day appointments and production techniques.  All five models feature an exotic wood top and contoured arm cut, master volume and master tone controls, a three way pickup selector, and coil taps for sonic range and versatility.

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Fargen Releases Demo Video for High Gain Amps

Ben Fargen, founder of Fargen Amplification in Sacramento, California has created a demonstration video in response to consumer requests. After the initial launch of the High Gain Anniversary amps at NAMM, inquiries came pouring in wanting to know more. Here, Ben Fargen demonstrates the versatility of the new amp. There are no pedals in the signal chain, just the amp and a small collection of guitars to demonstrate what can be achieved. Continue reading

Seymour Duncan Releases 7/8-String Black Winter

You asked for it, you got it: Seymour Duncan has launched new 7 and 8-string versions of the Black Winter, the aggressively brootals humbucker set originally designed for extreme metal players of Scandinavia who were looking for more aggression without sacrificing definition and clarity. After consistently being asked to make this pickup available for the rest of the world, Seymour Duncan did so. Now, after being consistently asked to make it available for extended range guitars, here it is! You’ll now be able to get all the heavy saturation, articulation and aggression of the Black Winter in your 6, 7 or 8 string axe. Continue reading

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