Derek Smalls wants more money

Here’s the mighty Derek Smalls’ new video for the song ‘Gimme Some (More) Money’ from his solo album Smalls Change. The song features Paul Shaffer, Waddy Wachtel and David Crosby). Check out my podcast episode with Derek here!

Multi-Effect Floorboard Thingies Wot Were Stompbox Based

In 2019, everyone is going nuts over their AX-8, their Helix, their Kemper Stage, their Headrush, their That Cute Little Mooer Thing. A rig in a floorboard, who wouldn’t want that, eh? Well once upon a time it wasn’t so easy. I started playing guitar at 8 years old and I’ve been playing long enough and lived long enough to see multi-effect floorboard dealies evolve and grow into what we know them as today. Let me take you back in time, back to an era of…

Multi Effect Floorboard Thingies Wot Were Stompbox Based

The first one of these that I was aware of was probably the Ibanez PUE5 Tube.

You think your Helix is so fancypants-special with its gajillion stompbox sims? This bad boy had no sims, just a bunch of stompboxes in the same housing: a Tube Screamer, a Tube Drive which was effectively a 12AX7-driven amp channel with three-band EQ, Drive and Level controls, an external loop, a Digital Delay and a Chorus. Then there was a Bypass switch at the end. You know, for all those times when you just want to hear the straight unaffected sound of your clean-ass solid-state amp, because that’s what people generally plugged these things into. Because not every amp had distortion, and not every amp had GOOD distortion. So if you were in the market for one of these units, you probably did not have a JCM900 that sounded acceptably distorty at bedroom volumes. Maybe you had a Crate with solid state distortion that sounded like playing your guitar through a CB radio.


That wasn’t Ibanez’s only entry into this field though. It wasn’t even their first foray into this world (check out their UE305 Multi Effects, which had Compressor/Limiter, Analog Delay and Stereo Chorus, and the DUE300 Digital with Super Metal distortion, Digital Delay and Digital Stereo Chorus). One of their slightly later products was the PT3 Guitar Powertrio. (There were others in this line too but look, I don’t have time to get into a whole thing here).

The Powertrio was stripped down to simply Overdrive/Distortion (with a tiny little mode switch to choose between the two – that’s right, you had to pick one and stick with it for the whole song! Maybe even the whole gig!), Digital Delay with up to 1024ms of delay, and Chorus with Speed and Width controls. Then the all-important Bypass switch so everyone could dig on your sweet sweet Peavey Bandit clean tone.

If you wanted to really ride the snake, Boss offered the BE-5 Guitar Multiple Effects 5 Special Selected Effects For Guitarists.

Say it with me now:

It had Compressor, Overdrive/Distortion (with a Color knob to vary between Overdrive and Distortion), Digital Delay, an always-on Noise Suppressor, and a Chorus. No global bypass on this one. If you wanted to turn all the effects off so the audience could behold the glory of your Onyx practice amp (Aussies will remember that one), you had to do a tapdance.

Aah but maybe you wanted to get a little more hi-tech. Maybe you wanted a massive Rack Of Doom but didn’t have the bucks, so you plonked down your cash for a Korg A4 instead, which gave you the option of programmable presets AND individual effect selection between Compressor, Distortion/Overdrive, 3-band EQ, Pitch/Delay, Chorus/Flanger and Reverb, along with a weird matrix effect selection thingie and some multi-purpose knobs to dial in your sounds. It also had a Bypass switch so you could blow your audience’s minds with the clean-as-a-bell tones from the sweet solid state no-name keyboard amp your mum got you secondhand for Christmas. Thanks mum. And it got bonus points for looking like Darth Vader.

The A4, I mean. Not your mum.

George Lynch appeared in an ad for it (the A4, I mean). I don’t know for sure if he ever actually used one but he sure looked cool being pasted in alongside one in the photo. Also the solo disc they refer to – Hypnotica Erotica – was ultimately named Sacred Groove and is pretty badass, although the chorus to the song ‘We Don’t Own This World’ takes on a whole different meaning these days due to the way we use the word ‘owned’ – ‘We don’t own this world, we are the ones being owned!’ Haha. Pwned.

Given the way a lot of people used these things back in the day, I don’t know if any of them quite nailed the perfect complement of effects. Give the damn people a damn reverb knob! Even a simple one-knob reverb as part of the delay controls would have really helped in those grim days of solid-state amps with no effects. Now, Chorus… yeah it was the 80s/early 90s so everything had to have Chorus but put the bloody thing before the delay, not after it! Yeesh! Now, I think Ibanez had the right idea with the Tube Screamer and the Tube Drive on the PUE5. That way you could set the Tube Drive up like an amp channel for your dirtyass rhythm tone then stomp on the Tube Screamer for your lead sound.

Incidentally, the first Tube Screamer I ever played was this one.

And tubes were weeeeell and truly out of general use apart from guitar and hi fi amps by the time I was a kid, so as a 12 year old (when I got my first electric guitar and a solid-state Marathon MX-3 amp with only Volume and Tone controls, no distortion at all), I had no idea what a ‘tube’ was in an audio context or why it would be screaming. The closest I could figure what that it made your guitar sound like if you screamed through a length of tube.

I still think that’d be a cool effect.

By the way, I’ve included links to my mate Bart’s site Effects Database as a little surprise favour to him. Go buy pedals through the links on Bart’s site so he can get some commission bucks, okay?

AmpliTube captures Brian May in app form

August 22, 2019 – IK Multimedia is proud to announce AmpliTube Brian May for Mac/PC, iPhone and iPad. Both feature precise models of the exact live and studio gear used by the legendary guitarist from the iconic band Queen – all recreated in collaboration with Brian May himself.

From Brian’s treble booster to his three-amp live setup and carefully curated effects selection, guitarists can enjoy new amp, cab and stompbox models in a convenient package, along with presets covering his celebrated discography. Each model was created with the supervision of Brian May and his long-time technical team, to carefully replicate his rig.

A key element of Brian’s distinct sound comes from his Red Special guitar that, famously, he hand built with his father in the 1960s from spare parts and household materials. Because the guitar is such an integral part of his rig, IK’s engineers went the extra mile to even create a new stompbox effect that helps simulate the Red Special’s tone and controls. This offers guitarists a more authentic musical experience that pays homage to this living legend.

Inside AmpliTube Brian May
Available in convenient desktop app and plug-in for any DAW, AmpliTube Brian May offers up to 11 new models including 2 amps, 3 cabinets, and up to 6 stompbox effects.

Included are unique offerings such as a new pedal modelling Brian’s Red Special guitar and a model of the one-of-a-kind, home-built “Deacy” Amp (with user adjustable battery power!) originally created by Queen bassist John Deacon, after modifying an old radio. Other highlights incorporate his famous triple-amp live setup; tone-shaping effects; and even a harmonizer for nailing those Queen stacked leads in a single take.

Based on the classic triple VOX® AC30™ setup, the BM 30 offers three amps with the effects chain in a Wet-Dry-Wet configuration to match Brian May’s iconic setup. The BM DK is a model of the small “Deacy” amp that became the trademark sound of many Queen songs.


The 2×12 BM 30 Blue (named the 2×12 BM1 in the Brian May collection for iOS) is a triple cabinet based on the cab section of a VOX AC30 equipped with with Celestion™ Alnico Blue speakers. The 2×12 BM 30 H70 (2×12 BM2 in the Brian May collection for iOS) is with Celestion G12H Anniversary speakers. In addition, the 1×6 BM DK provides the cabinet section of the BM DK amp, featuring a 6″ speaker.

The Red Special, created from a detailed study of Brian May’s famous guitar, helps add the unique tonality and controls of the Red Special itself. Based on the original KAT® Treble Booster, the Treble Booster enriches guitar tone similar to Brian May’s by boosting it before it reaches the amp.

May Wah was based on a rackmount Dunlop® Cry Baby® wah, modelled in the exact configurations Brian May uses to shape his tone, while the FOX Phaser was based on the unique and distinctive sound of the fOXX® Foot Phaser.

Star Gate is a noise gate that helps clean up the signal chain, minimizing the noise feeding Brian’s unique amp and pedal setup.

The iPhone and iPad version, the Brian May Collection (which is inside the existing AmpliTube app) also adds the 30 – a 30-band Graphic EQ, with +/- 15 dB boost per band and a+/- 15dB Level control, to help craft a more exact match of Brian’s tones. This pedal is already included for free in AmpliTube Custom Shop for Mac/PC.

Discography presets
A full set of painstakingly created song-based discography presets were compiled by Jamie Humphries, guitarist for the official Queen stage production “We Will Rock You”, who has also performed with Queen and Brian May. These presets allow users to dial up their favourite Brian May tones instantly and were constructed under Brian’s personal supervision.

Groundbreaking Modelling Technology
IK’s latest Dynamic Interaction Modeling™ was used to deliver the highest level of ultra-realistic sound when modelling Brian May’s gear. The product of 20 years’ experience modelling analogue gear, DIM™ models the behaviour of every component in the circuit all the way down to its smallest nuance and character. Applied to May’s rig, it delivers the same sound and feel as his real gear.

About AmpliTube guitar and bass tone studio
AmpliTube is the world’s most powerful guitar and bass tone studio for Mac/PC/iPhone/iPad. Available in both free and paid versions, it recreates the entire guitar/bass signal chain from instrument to recording device in a hyper-realistic and intuitive way. Users can also browse and purchase collections of gear models from the world’s top gear manufacturers plus signature artist gear. AmpliTube is available for both Mac/PC, as a stand-alone and plug-in for most popular recording software, and app for iPhone and iPad.

Easy connection to AmpliTube
AmpliTube connects seamlessly with AXE I/O, IK’s premium audio interface with powerful guitar shaping tools. AmpliTube is also compatible with IK’s iRig Stomp I/O, iRig Micro Amp, iRig HD 2, iRig Pro I/O and iRig Pro Duo portable audio interfaces for fast connectivity and on-the-go convenience.

Options, pricing and availability

AmpliTube Brian May (for Mac/PC) runs inside AmpliTube Custom Shop, a free download available to all. The new models are available now for purchase as a bundle from the Custom Shop, the IK Multimedia online store and from IK authorized dealers worldwide for $/€99.99 (excl. taxes).

No previous purchase of AmpliTube is required. The new models will show up as an optional purchase for existing users of AmpliTube 4 upon updating to the latest version.

The Brian May Collection (iPhone and iPad) is available via in-app purchase from within AmpliTube CS for iPhone or iPad, for $19.99. Individual models may also be purchased a la carte (Stomp FX – $3.99 each; amps – $6.99 each). All models are also part of IK’s All-In Bundle 2019 collection, which is available for in-app purchase.

For more information about AmpliTube Brian May and the Brian May Collection, please visit:

To see AmpliTube Brian May in action:
For the official Brian May website, visit:

Hey there, Ibanez MSM100.

Often on Twitter I’ll post little ‘Guitar Crush Of The Day’ pics. I figured I’d do a little blog post about today’s one because what the hell. It’s the Ibanez MSM100 signature model for Marco Sfogli, who I first heard through his incredible work with Dream Theater’s James LaBrie. Marco’s style is a little similar to John Petrucci – not enough to sound like a clone, but enough to serve as a really strong bridge between LaBrie’s identities in Dream Theater and as a solo artist. His Ibanez signature model is based on the AZ series but with plenty of unique twists. It has a DiMarzio Air Norton in the neck position and a Tone Zone in the bridge, a classic combination that gives you big chunky power chords and plenty of overtones and gorgeous mids on single notes. This guitar is rocking a Petrucci-esque wiring scheme where the middle position is coil-split, and it has a distinctive Fabula Green Burst finish that looks even better in person than it does in pics.

More info here.

The Rockpit celebrates 10 years of existence with a rock n’ roll extravaganza!

The Rockpit celebrates 10 years of existence with a rock n’ roll extravaganza!

Rock, Blues & Metal media publication The Rockpit is celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary in 2019! The rock media company will kick off celebrations with a special 10th birthday show in Perth on Saturday September 14th at the most rock n’ roll venue in Perth at Lucy’s Loveshack followed by Melbourne on Saturday October 12 at The Evelyn Hotel in Fitzroy. Both events will include live music, prize giveaways and a party that will end all rock parties!

The Rockpit has been one of the leading Hard Rock and Metal online media outlets growing each year since its formation in 2009, now with a current global reach of over 300,000 readers per month. Some major changes and additions in recent years has allowed The Rockpit to expand into other areas including the  launch of it’s own online webstore at Rockpit Records, a monthly podcast and it’s artist management & booking arm Krunch Entertainment.

Part of the ethos of the Rockpit has always been to promote the local as much as the global and over the years the team has helped publicise, push and draw the attention of overseas audiences to hundreds of local acts, and that drive to share great local music (wherever it is from) will never cease.  Following in that tradition, the 10th anniversary shows in Perth and Melbourne will feature a stellar lineup of local hard rock bands that have all been featured at The Rockpit over the years. September 14 in Perth will see rock heavy weights Hailmary alongside The Silent Deeds, Amberdown and Jackson Kokeprovide the live entertainment. October 12 in Melbourne is set to be even bigger as the brilliant Palace Of The King lead the way for the night along with Warbirds launching their brand new album plus  Echo Del Tusker as well as special guests The Silent Deeds from Perth and Dellacoma Rio opening the night.

With great music, beer flowing plus a stack of cool prizes to give away to punters, this will be one event not to miss! For more info head to

Krunch Entertainment presents…

The Rockpit 10th Birthday
celebrating 10 years of rock n’ roll

Perth, WA
Saturday September 14th 2019

7pm Doors – $10 entry (on door only)
Lucy’s Loveshack
104 Murray Street, Perth

Event Page:

Melbourne, VIC
Saturday October 12th 2019
8pm Doors – $12 Oztix or $20 at the door
Evelyn Hotel
351 Brunswick St Fitzroy


Event Page:

Prepaway – Guide to Salesforce ADM-201 Certification Exam

NOTE FROM PETER: Hey I Heart Guitar readers! Occasionally I’ll run a sponsored post like this on the site. I turn down way more of these than I accept because frankly I’d rather leave money on the table than promote something I don’t believe in. In this case I know a lot of I Heart Guitar readers have an interest in a career in IT. Heck, a lot of great guitar bloggers are IT engineers by trade. So when Prepaway approached me about this sponsored post, I decided to run with it because it’s something that could prove useful to many I Heart Guitar readers. I hope it helps you and opens the door for a career for you (so that you can earn more money to spend on guitars). Enjoy!

Prepaway – Guide to PrepAway Certification Exam

For a new administrator, the Salesforce Administrator certification is the sign of a successful career in the IT field. This credential shows the skill and expertise an individual possesses along with the commitment to it. This certificate allows a person to increase the chances for job employment and salary compensation. It also provides you with a platform of knowledge to explore and learn from. Let us discover why the Salesforce certifications in administration area must-have for you.

Why Should You Get Certified?

The question is, why not to? According to the PrepAway salary survey, about 77% of the certified professionals have the Salesforce Administrator credential. It was also recorded that about 39% were awarded an increase in salary after getting certified. Living in a competitive world, the perks of being certified exceeds the leisure of it. The certificate not only makes you a more professional employee but also improves your career majorly.

When getting certified, you need to know which certification is best for you. It mainly depends on your nature of work and the objectives you have aimed at. Salesforce is reevaluating the credentials for people to adapt to the Salesforce ecosystem according to their choice.

Salesforce Certified Administrator

This is the basic certificate carefully chosen by those individuals who would like to jump into being a professional administrator. You must pass a 105-minute exam with 60 questions to answer, and get a score not less than 65%.

Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator

This certification, as its name suggests, is a bit more advanced and difficult one. It can only be taken by those who have already obtained the aforementioned certificate. This credential is for a seriously skilled administrator.

Highlights of PrepAway Exam

The ADM-201 certification test comes with 60 multiple-choice questions that should be answered within 105 minutes. The passing score is 65%.The Salesforce website has already put on the percentage of the exam content it will cover. It includesAppExchange – 1%, organization setup – 3%, standard and custom objects – 15%, desktop and mobile administration – 1%, sales and marketing applications – 15%, activity management and collaboration – 3%, service and support applications – 12%, analytics – 10%, security and access – 14%, user setup – 6%, data management – 8%, workflow/process automation – 12%.

The weight if each topic is in accordance with the knowledge and information needed. Designed for the administrator experts, thisSalesforce exam is intended to measure the ability of individuals in their practicality and experience.

Preparation Tools for PrepAway Exam

We have mentioned the difficulty and the types of credentials you can choose from. Now, when you have decided which one to choose, you might consider preparing for it. The best way for preparation is to devise a proper study plan with good study materials and resources you can learn from. This includes online training courses, books, practice questions, and hands-on experience to solidify your concepts. Let us take a look at the most recommended training tools available.

  • Salesforce Training/Tutorials. When searching for the best training resources, the official website is the one to opt for. It provides instructor-led courses, which give you a complete overview. About 35 hours of video tutorials are available on this platform, which you can effortlessly access online.
  • Official Salesforce Course. It is a five-day course that covers up the basic fundamentals of administration. This includes configuring, maintaining, and installingthe Salesforce organization applications. It will also give you an overview of certain features and capabilities of apps along with data management, and etc.
  • Virtual Courses.Apart from the aforementioned training course, you can also opt for virtual courses that last for a brief time but are worth it. For instance, the CRT-101 course lasts a day, but it covers the major elements for you to understand. The benefit of this training is that you will be presented some real-life case scenarios, which you will have to analyze, put in your strategy, and figure out the solution to it. These exercises not only help you further your learning but also improve your problem-solving ability.

Another course known as the Salesforce Proficiency Pack for Administrators is also a must-have resource. It is a 30-day course with 2 hours to invest in everyday, making it an ideal choice for you. Another benefit includes free vouchers for the Salesforce Administration exam, and you can automatically pay for the certification test in your course fee as well.

  • Exam Dumps. Braindumps is another way to get a full-on revision of learning you have done. It will give you a cheat sheet that you can take help from. However, the question is how to choose a trustworthy platform that can provide exam dumps that guarantee your success. PrepAway is the choice you have to make since it offers you a plethora of genuine dumps that will help you pass your certification test.
  • Practice Tests. They are the next thing you ought to do. There are many sites that offer unique bundles and practice questions. These practice questions are sorted out by the IT experts. They also replicate the Salesforce exam environment by putting up difficult and tricky questions. PrepAway is one of the platforms where you canPrepAway get access to numerous practice questions and sessions that will allow you to measure your abilities and improve further in your preparation.

Final Exam Tips

First and foremost, the only thing you can do is to be positive, that’s all that matters. After preparing for your ADM-201 exam, you should always have a revision schedule and notes that you can review after reading the content. Always remember to complete the exam objectives, which are mentioned in the official study guide. Lastly, make flashcards to help you quickly review all the topics you have previously learned.

Tom Cram (ex-DOD/Digitech) debuts Spiral Electric FX White Spiral Boost

Spiral Electric FX Debuts White Spiral Boost
A light JFET boost with a few tricks up its sleeve.

Murray, UT, July 29 – Former DOD/Digitech creative, Tom Cram, has added the White Spiral Boost to the ever-growing list of sought-after pedal designs that his company, Spiral Electric FX, will release this year. After its unveiling at this year’s Summer NAMM, the White Spiral Boost will officially be available for purchase in late August.

The White Spiral Boost is a light JFET boost with a few tricks up its sleeve. Meant as either an “Always On” boost that provides increased harmonic content with a little bit of grit, or as a last-in-chain boost to wake up your amp’s dirty channel. Either use will make your notes seem to jump off the strings, and keep your guitar thrummin’. The “Girth” Control was first introduced with Spiral Electric FX’s Yellow Spiral Drive. Unlike a traditional tone control, the “Girth” is a rotary cap network that either restricts bass or increases bass.

The location of the “Girth” Control in the circuit is user-definable by the Alpha/Omega two-way toggle. In the Alpha (A – Left) position the “Girth” control is placed before the low-gain Grit clipping section of the White Spiral. This position allows more, or less, bass to be sent to the “Grit”, and changes the character and compression of the “Grit”. The Omega (Ω – Right) position places the “Girth” Control after the “Grit” Control and this position changes how much bass content is passed through the circuit. This position is more open, glassy, and Hi-Fi sounding. Bassists will LOVE the Omega selection!

The “Grit” Control does double duty, it both changes the performance of the JFET to create distortion, and also brings in Silicon clipping. These two types of clipping together are slightly asymmetrical and the result is a natural-sounding low-gain grit/grind that mates well with already dirty amp channels.


Low-Gain Boost Harmonic Stimulator
“Girth” Control Tone Cap Network
Alpha/Omega Toggle to change position of “Girth” Control
Hand-Brushed Aluminum Top
Powder-Coated Black Bottom
Matching Warm White LED
Designed and Handmade by Tom Cram
The White Spiral Boost will be available at in late August 2019.
Retail price of $199.00
The White Spiral Boost will be available in late August for purchase directly from Spiral Electric FX at

Hey! The new John 5 album is out now!

I wouldn’t consider John 5 to be underrated: it’s well-known how absolutely incredible he is, and we’re well past the point where people went “Whoa, did you know the guy from Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie’s band can totally shred?” Having said that, every time he releases new music I’m blown away all over again by his blend of songwriting, technique, tone and just all-round fun-factor. His new album Invasion is out today and you should get it. Alright?

JOHN 5 AND THE CREATURES Release New Album, “Invasion”, Today + New Music Video for “I Want It All”
The highly-anticipated new JOHN 5 and The Creatures album, Invasion, has been unleashed to the masses today! Invasion – produced and mixed by Barry Pointer at Riot House Studio – proves to be a diverse progression of the sound that JOHN 5 fans have grown to expect from the eclectic virtuoso.
In addition, JOHN 5 and The Creatures are scheduled to announce a new tour very soon, so stay tuned for more details!
Invasion, featuring the extraordinary new singles “Zoinks!”, “Crank It – Living With Ghosts”, “I Am John 5” and “Midnight Mass”, is available to order now in both physical and digital formats here:
Today, in celebration of the release of Invasion, JOHN 5 and The Creatures have released yet another new single and music video, entitled “I Want It All”. Brought to life by the same team on “Crank It – Living With Ghosts” – director Israel Perez, art director Cody Varona and producer Nicole Hatley, with wardrobe by Forgotten Saints LA – the “I Want It All” video is a zany romp featuring some bodacious babes quite literally sustaining life via their Instagram feeds.
Watch the “I Want It All” video here:
JOHN 5 says, “I’m super excited for this record to finally come out, for fans to see the new video, ‘I Want It All’, and to announce a new tour to follow in the fall very soon! I want to thank all of our fans for all of their support!”
Check out even more recent music videos/tracks by JOHN 5 and The Creatures here:
“Crank It – Living With Ghosts”:
“I Am John 5”:
For more information about each video, visit
Invasion track listing:
   1. Invasion
   2. I Am John 5
   3. Midnight Mass
   4. Zoinks!
   5. Howdy
   6. Crank It / Living With Ghosts
   7. Cactus Flower
   8. I Want It All
   9. I Like The Funk
10. Constant Sorrow
About JOHN 5:
JOHN 5 has worked with a varied range of artists, performing as guitarist for some of the biggest headlining rock bands in the world such as Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson, as well as playing session with Paul Stanley, Rod Stewart, Lynyrd Skynyrd and more. Slashhas called JOHN 5, “one of the most mind-blowing guitarists around” and Rob Zombie has dubbed him “a fucking shredder”. JOHN 5 has released seven solo albums to date, as well as a remix album, and has written music for the likes of Avril Lavigne, Garbage, Ricky Martin and others.
JOHN 5 and The Creatures is:
JOHN 5 – guitars
Ian Ross – bass
Logan Miles Nix – drums
JOHN 5 online: