My Tele


This sexy beast is my Telecaster with Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound for Tele pickups. Oh the things this guitar has seen. For example…

My dad and I put it together out of bits and pieces when I was 14.

Got the pickups for my 15th birthday.

For my final year at university this was the only guitar I brought with me, and I gave myself a rule that for a year I would basically play just this guitar with heavy strings, high action and no pick (unless I was working on stuff like “Eugene’s Trick Bag” for hours on end). I would take it to blues jams and just let what would happen happen. That year was huge for my musical development. One of the guitar players in the house band would call out the names of various guitarists and I’d have to imitate them for a few bars, until he called another name. I’d have to go from S.R.V to Jeff Beck to Frank Zappa to EVH to Satriani.

I’ve used it in a funk band, I’ve tuned it to Open C to play Ocean Machine songs, I’ve played it in front of 6,000 people alongside a DJ, and in smoky pubs where I’ve played slide on it using a beer bottle.

And we have lots of years of adventures left in us.


Ooh! Sparkly Charvel Pro Mod Super Stock

Charvel Super Stock SD1 FR

I am utterly unashamed of my sparkly guitar obsession. I need this in my life.

PRESS RELEASE: Charvel is proud to announce the release of the new Pro Mod Series Super Stock SD1 FR Special Edition. Built for center stage, the spotlight and your favorite solo, Charvel’s limited-run Super Stock So-Cal Silver Sparkle is a dazzling high-performance instrument. Its sleek So-Cal body is clad in a scintillating silver-sparkle finish that looks stunning beneath the stage lights, elegantly complemented by a matching headstock and black pickguard. Continue reading

Introducing A Little Thunder

Ever wish you could have a big fat bass right there on your guitar? Me too. I’ve tried all sorts of stuff like octave pedals and 8-strings, and they’re all fun, but nothing quite does what the A Little Thunder pickup does. It takes your lowest two strings and shifts them down an octave or two. You can output the signal with your regular guitar sound or you can wire it up so you can send it to a whole separate rig. If you play metal or stoner styles you can get some hugely fat sounds. If you play jazz you can do some amazing walking bass stuff. If you’re a solo singer/guitarist you can really, really flesh out your compositions. But it’s not the “If you’re a [this] you can do [this]” applications that excite me the most: it’s the stuff that we can’t even envision yet that people will be using this for. Andy Alt has launched a Kickstarter to get this baby happening and there are plenty of great perks, my favourite of which is lunch with tech-to-the-starts Thomas Nordegg (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, Mike Keneally). I’d like to think that Thomas would show up for lunch with some kind of MIDI-enabled, LED-festooned Ultra-Spork. But there’s also – get this – a 1987 Ibanez RG550 Roadflare Red prototype signed by Steve Vai and with A Little Thunder installed. Sweet, huh?

Here’s info about A Little Thunder and the Kickstarter. Continue reading

Fender Expands American Standard Series

Fender American Standard Series

Hello baby.

PRESS RELEASE: Fender is proud to expand its popular American Standard series. The series, which debuted in 1986, has become the proverbial heart of the Fender brand, fusing the best of classic and contemporary features. “The Fender American Standard series is the core of the Fender lineup, the place where we combine our 60-plus years of history with modern innovations in a perfect blend of the best of yesterday and today,” said Justin Norvell, vice president of marketing at Fender. “They are handcrafted American originals, and the choice of professionals worldwide. These seven new models provide musicians with an even greater tonal palette, making the American Standard a great choice no matter what features or sounds a player is seeking. With the American Standard series, we make art in our instruments, so musicians can make their art with them in their music.” Continue reading

Jackson Pro DK2M Dinky Limited Run Black & White Crackle

Jackson Pro DK2M Limited Run Black & White Crackle

Dude, yes. Just… just yes.

PRESS RELEASE: Jackson is pleased to announce the latest addition to its popular Pro Series, the Pro DK2M Dinky Limited Run guitar featured in Black & White Crackle. The DK2M Pro Series Dinkyfeatures an alder body, flat-sawn graphite-reinforced bolt-on maple neck with wrap-around heel, 24-fret compound radius (12″-16″) maple fingerboard with offset black dot inlays, black neck and headstock binding, direct mount Seymour Duncan JB Zebra (bridge) and ’59 Zebra (neck) humbucking pickups with five-way blade switching, Floyd Rose bridge, black hardware and Dunlop strap locks. For more information and to find a dealer near you, go to www.jacksonguitars.com.

Mu-FX Authorized Mu-tron Octave Divider Reissue

OCTAVE-DIVIDERAww yeah. Mu-FX has introduced an authorised reissue of the vintage Musitronics Mu-tron Octave Divider, and early adopters are able to snag discounts from now until November 20. It has the same sonic versatility and accurate tracking of the original but in a smaller housing which won’t take up so much dang space on your pedalboard/stage/floor. Here’s the press release. Continue reading

Carparelli Guitars +ZOOM Kickstarter

infiniti Candy Apple Met KICKSTARTER v2

Wow, now this is cruelly cool. Carparelli has launched a kickstarter for the infiniti Si and Classico S models, each of which includes built-in +ZOOM tuner/preamp/modelling/effects stuff which is easily accessible via controls located where – well, where you’d expect to find ‘em on an electro-acoustic guitar, which is the perfect spot for this sorta stuff. And check out those hot-rod-lookn’ bridges. These guitars mean business!

Continue reading

The Commander-In-Chief & Craig Ogden – Paganini Caprice 24

Pre-order the album; exclusive signed CDs, Vinyls, etc now from here.

Dream Theater – Breaking The Fourth Wall

Dream Theater have released Breaking The Fourth Wall (Live from The Boston Opera House), a live Blu-Ray/DVD set of the band’s March 25th performance. The 2+ hour collection was produced by the band’s own John Petrucci and features guest performances from The Berklee College of Music Orchestra and Choir. The collection is available now in multiple configurations including Blu-Ray, a 2 DVD set, and a webstore deluxe exclusive Blu-Ray/3 CD set with poster, all available via the Roadrunner Records webstore.

For more Dream Theater stuff on I Heart Guitar:

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John Petrucci interview
Sterling By Music Man JP70D review
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Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Slash “Rosso Corsa” Les Paul

Epiphone Slash Rosso Corsa Les PaulOne of my favourite Gibsons of all time is a quite recent one: the Slash Rosso Corsa model. Something about that deep red with the zebra Seymour Duncan pickups just really gets to me. I know I’m not alone: I’m told by various folks that the Gibson models sold quite quickly indeed. Now Slash has teamed up with Epiphone to offer a more affordable version of the guitar: the Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Slash “Rosso Corsa” Les Paul. It’s at the high end of Epiphone gear in terms of price and appointments, which I think is cool because if they’d instead gone with a Les Paul Special or something you wouldn’t get the full pop of a carved top or that classic balance between trapezoid inlays and Tune-O-Matic/tailpiece (ever notice how they both lead your eye towards the neck pickup and pickup switch? I love design touches like that). There’s a video below, followed by the press release. Continue reading

Ola Englund Demos The Try-Guitars Speed-DNA

Sweeeeeet. I first saw the Try-Guitars Speed-DNA a few months ago when they shared a pic to the Seymour Duncan Twitter or Facebook or something. I love the shape: aggressive and ergonomic and totally badass. More info on these axes here. Continue reading

Ziltoid, He Comes!

ziltoidcomIt’s here! Ziltoid.com, an important part of Devin Townsend’s monumental Z2 project! Here you’ll find all sorts of Ziltoidian goodness including the first of three ZTV episodes which set the stage for the album. You can read my interview with Devin here and my review of Z2 here. Oh and dates for Devin’s Australian masterclass tour here. And now for the press release…

PRESS RELEASE: Devin Townsend has announced the launch of ZTV, a brand new video series starring the inimitable Ziltoid, as well as a brand new interactive site dedicated to him. Following on from the announcement of the Z² double-album, which is due for release on the 27th October 2014 in Europe and 28th October 2014 in the US, the newest glimpse into the Ziltoid story can be viewed here: www.ziltoid.com

Devin had this to say: Hey guys! Devin here… been a few weeks since the Z2 album was delivered, and we’ve been getting everything ready for the upcoming tours and the release of the records. As I’ve mentioned, Z2 is an experiment for me in trying different mediums to illustrate a concept, and as such…I’m really excited to present to you the new Ziltoid website, and the first of three ZTV episodes leading up to the album release! The crowd-funding campaign has allowed me to actualize Ziltoid and its music in ways I’d always hoped for, and the idea with the three web episodes is to set up the concept of the album. This first one is less over the top than it gets by episode three, but it needs to establish the whole story before it gets more absurd. It is a great pleasure to be able to do this, and was an awesome experience (other than having to explain to management and family why I spent so much money on puppets =)
Thank you for the support and allowing me to continue =)

Pre-orders for the Z² album are also now available from the following places:
OMerch: http://www.omerch.eu/shop/devintownsend/products.php?cat=2288
InsideOutMusic Shop: http://smarturl.it/dtpIOM

Devin Townsend
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