COOL GEAR ALERT: Majik Box Kryptonite Overdrive

Freaky! I was just looking at the Majik Box Paul Gilbert Fuzz Universe in an issue of Young Guitar that Mrs I Heart Guitar brought back for me from her trip to Japan, and then I find this in my inbox. Looks cool!


Majik Box unveils the new Matt Roberts signature Kryptonite Overdrive pedal.

(TORRANCE, CA) October 5, 2011 – Majik Box, makers of the Paul Gilbert Fuzz Universe and Doug Aldrich Rocket Fuel pedals release their third signature pedal, the Kryptonite Overdrive. This pedal was designed to produce the “radio ready” signature guitar tones of Matt Roberts, lead guitarist of the multi-platinum rock act 3 Doors Down, who released their new album, Time of My Life in August.

The Kryptonite Overdrive is simple in concept, featuring only 3 knobs (drive, level and tone controls) making the pedal incredibly easy to use. Designed in close collaboration with Roberts, guitar tech Jeff Chase and Majik Box engineers, the Kryptonite Overdrive was carefully tuned to produce thick rhythm and saturated lead tones, when used in conjunction with any lightly distorted amp, suitable for all modern rock applications.

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