NAMM: Schecter Custom Shop 9-string

Oh hey, Schecter Custom Shop 9-string that almost escaped my attention in amongst all the incredible 8-strings Schecter has on display this year! Usually it’s a safe bet that if a company goes to the trouble of tooling up to make something like this, it ain’t gonna just be a one-off. Let’s hope something like this filters into Schecter’s regular line sooner or later. Oh, wait, yep! Check out the Hellraiser C-9!

IMG_3605 IMG_3606 IMG_3603 IMG_3602 IMG_3604

NAMM: Ibanez 9 String RGs

There was a prototype on display last year, now it’s here: the Ibanez 9-string RG. Oh wait, did I say ‘it’s here’? I meant ‘they’re here’ because Ibanez is launching TWO 9-strings this NAMM: the affordable RG9 with Ibanez pickups, and the Prestige RG90BKPISH in Invisible Shadow finish, which features Bare Knuckle Canine humbuckers. Release date is yet to be confirmed but I’ll keep you posted. These are really beautiful guitars and I can’t wait to hear the music people make on them! Pics below:



NAMM: Ibanez RG9 9-string prototype!


WOW! NAMM kicks off to a big, big start with this behemoth, the Ibanez RG9 9-string. Now, it’s only a prototype at this stage, but Ibanez hopes to make it a production model and to have them on the streets in the fourth quarter of 2013. Just in time for Christmas, you guys! I really hope that pans out. Of course it depends on if there’s interest from attendees and dealers at NAMM, but as far as I’ve seen, the response has been pretty huge.

It has Lace Deathbar humbuckers (with coil splits): very high-definition, punchy-sounding pickups that are great for djent. It’s a 28″-scale instrument, tuned (low to high) C#, F#, B, E, A, D, G, B, E and the playability is amazing. Note that the bridge is a fully tooled-up piece rather than something assembled out of a few pieces, which is how Ibanez dipped their toe in the water with the initial 8-string prototypes, and as Rich at Ibanez Rules says, they wouldn’t have spent the beans on developing this part if they didn’t plan to do something with it.

Ibanez 9

Ibanez 9 2





Guitar Gallery Of The Day: Strictly7

Sure, Strictly7 don’t strictly make 7-string guitars – they also do 6, 8 and 9-string models – but whatever the string count, their guitars are incredible. Various production models are available with passive DiMarzio and Bare Knuckle or active Seymour Duncan and EMG pickups. Check out their custom gallery here, but make sure you check out their production models too – including their Ola Englund signature model (read Ola’s blog here).