REVIEW: Gordon-Smith Graduate

The following is a guest post by Jacob Mannik. Thanks Jacob!

What happens when you decide that you want to get the same guitar as one of your favourite guitarists? Stick around and I’ll tell you the story of how I got my latest guitar in my collection.


It started one day when I was in my flat with my guitar, playing along to my Reel Big Fish DVD, admiring the guitar work of Aaron Barrett, as always wondering who made his guitar and where I could get one. That day I decided to investigate and I quickly found the Aaron Barrett Wikipedia page. Within that document it listed his guitar as a Gordon-Smith Graduate. I had never heard of Gordon-Smith, so off to our friend Google I went and in short order found myself on the company’s website. What I found was a guitar company who have been around a long time making all the usual Fender and Gibson styles with a few of their own style designs thrown in. The ‘About’ section on the main page read as follows:


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