Aaron Kusterer – Language of Emotion ships January 6

Hey! Did you see that interview with Aaron Kusterer recently in Guitar Player magazine? Aaron’s CD Language of Emotion is released on December 30 with a launch at BRG Music of Perry & Ames Iowa. Go check it out if you’re in the area! If you preorder the CD from Aaron it’ll ship January 6. Aaron’s an amazing guitarist, a super-nice guy and an awesome ambassador for Buddy Blaze guitars – in fact that’s how I first met him, when I recognised the Blaze logo on his guitar case at an airport. Aaron also gets some amazing tones out of AmpKit.

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Promo Teaser: Aaron Kusterer’s ‘Language Of Emotion’

Aaron Kusterer, an absolutely monstrous guitarist (and Buddy Blaze artist) who I met by chance in California in January (when our Santa Ana flights were cancelled and we found ourselves on the same shuttle to LAX) is preparing to release his album Language Of Emotion. Check out this teaser video!

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COOL VIDEO ALERT: Aaron Kusterer on the Buddy Blaze ‘Shredder’

Here’s a great video featuring Aaron Kusterer talking about the Buddy Blaze Shredder guitar. As fate would have it I happened to share an airport shuttle with Aaron after NAMM and we got to chatting because I noticed he had a couple of Buddy Blaze guitars all cased up, but it wasn’t until I saw this video that I realised just how good he is. Check out his Reverbnation page here. You can see my Buddy Blaze booth visit from the 2011 NAMM Show here – I had a chance to play the Shredder and I was blown away by the speed and comfort of the neck. Aaron’s not kidding in the video when he talks about the attention paid to the fretwork.