ADA Announces New Cabinet Simulator

gcsADA has always been a company that created things guitarists didn’t even realise they needed, but then couldn’t live without. Their pioneering flanger and phaser pedals and the MP-1 preamp are perfect examples. The company has been back in action for a while now, and the APP-1 preamp is a great example of what they’re up to now. The new GCS-3 Cabinet Simulator looks like the perfect partner to the APP-1 – much like the GCS-2 – but it adds a headphone output as well as a power amp direct connection which lets you take the signal from your power amp and feed it through the unit and on to the mixing console without needing to mic a cab – while still using your cab onstage for all the benefits like controllable feedback and lookin’ cool. Read More …


I’m sure a lot of us either have fond memories of ADA gear, or wish we had a bunch of it, or have drooled over the sounds that players have drawn out of units like the ADA Flanger, the Final Phase and the venerable MP-1 preamp. Now ADA launches the GCS-2, a guitar cabinet simulator and DI box which you can use with your amp or with a unit like ADA’s latest preamp, the APP-1.

Here’s the press release:


WALNUT CREEK, CA – AUGUST 15, 2012 – ADA’s new GCS-2 is the quickest, easiest and ideal way for a guitarist to go direct and get the most real, dynamic and controllable guitar tone on stage and in the studio. Show up to your next gig and set up quicker – without a stack or combo in tow – and deliver through the club’s backline system. Get your feedback from your stage monitor and blast rich harmonics to the audience – all with better sustain and dispersion. A radical departure from the field of cabinet simulators, the all-analog GCS-2 uniquely replicates the low frequency natural resonance of a SEALED CABINET and, at loud volumes, delivers awesome driver compression and focus through any full-range speaker system.

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A/DA relaunched a few years ago (in fact, that was one of the first ever news items on I Heart Guitar) with a brilliant reissue of their classic flanger. The company was already highly respected for their flangers and phasers when they released the classic MP-1 tube preamp, and I’ve been waiting to see the latest on their next big preamp statement Well, here it is! The APP-1 Pedal Preamp is now ready to go. This sounds like an incredible piece of kit. It’s designed to be extremely reactive to the input signal, which sounds like a very good thing to me – I’m kinda tired of everyone using the same ultra-compressed, ultra-distorted tone at the expense of good old fashioned playing dynamics, and the APP-1 goes out of its way to take your tone to expressive new dimensions.

What’s it sound like? Well check out this batch of demos, particularly the second one, where you’ll hear how the APP-1 goes from sparkly clean to roaring overdrive simply with harder pick attack. Y’know, just how it’s meant to be.


Here’s the press release:


A/DA Launches New APP-1 PEDAL PREAMP With Groundbreaking D-TORSION CORETM Technology


WALNUT CREEK, CA – MARCH 20, 2012 — A/DA announces the release of the new APP-1 Pedal Preamp, a guitar preamplifier built around A/DA’s new patent-pending player-responsive D-TORTION CORE technology, which reacts to the signal level of the strings to deliver more volume, dynamics, timbre, faster transients and richer harmonics than any amplifier available today.  The APP-1 is A/DA’s first product based on the newly invented D TORSION CORE technology, which features user-adjustable dynamic range and threshold levels for signal limiting, compression, distortion and harmonic expansion.  The APP-1 allows the guitarist to express, through his or her fingers, dynamics and tone like never before, going from ultraclean to overdrive to heavy distortion without turning a single knob on any amp, signal processor, recording console, stomp box or guitar.


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