cube_street_ex_angle_1_mainPRESS RELEASE: Roland is pleased to announce the CUBE Street EX, a battery-powered stereo amplifier with big sound and generous connectivity for a variety of mics, instruments, and other devices. Building on the success of the original CUBE Street, the new CUBE Street EX infuses the popular mobile amp with a huge performance upgrade that delivers more projection, more channels, and more versatility. Read More …

Eastman Introduces The Schertler JAM150

Schertler_JAM150Press Release: The long awaited arrival of the Schertler JAM150 amplifier has finally hit stores in the U.S.! Officially unveiled during Summer NAMM in Nashville earlier this year, the JAM150 uses some of the finest electrical components and drivers available today. One of the high-performance market leaders in Europe, theSchertler JAM150 ($1249.99) is a classic, hand built, all-wood stained 150-watt bi-amp with an 8” woofer and 1” dome tweeter offering pro-audio sound in a rugged road worthy package. Designed in Switzerland and hand made in Italy, this impressive amp features a 150 Watt bi-amp design built using some of the finest electrical components and drivers coming out of Italy today. Anything built from individual components is only as good as its weakest component, so using cheaper components is not an option – better parts make a better amp. Read More …



Peavey’s VYPYR series of modelling amps has been around for a while now, and is the logical successor to the company’s successful Transtube technology. The new VYPYR V.I.P 3 – that’s Variable Instrument Performance – is a world first in that it combines amp models for electric guitar, bass and acoustic guitar, as well as instrument modelling. It’s aimed at the giggling musician: the dude or dudette who might be in a cover band or duo and is called upon to provide electric, acoustic and bass guitar throughout the course of a gig, and who needs recognisably accurate sounds to match particular songs. That’s not to say that performers of original music can’t use it too, but it definitely seems to be an amp aimed at the cover band guitarist.  Read More …

REVIEW: Hiwatt SA-2012 Custom 20

SA2012Hiwatt’s all-tube amplifiers have been powering rock since pretty much the dawn of the genre, famously propelling the world-changing sounds of artists such as The Who’s Pete Townshend and Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour – all while looking super-cool in the process. As Mr. Townshend knows, there’s something magical about a Hiwatt power section pushed to breaking point – an alchemical combination of punch, growl and ring that you just can’t get from any other amp. And as Mr. Gilmour knows, Hiwatt’s cleaner tones are a great platform for effects, from simple ambience around a clean sound to full-on modulation and fuzz: they’re extremely stompbox-friendly amplifiers.  There are plenty of great tones a Hiwatt can help you achieve, and the Hiwatt catalog boasts plenty of different amps at different price points to get you there. The Custom 20 is up there in the high-price, boutique end of the spectrum. Of course, size is no indication of value, so don’t be thrown by its diminutive stature: this is a serious amp for serious players. Read More …

REVIEW: DV Mark Bad Boy 120

dvmarkThe DV Mark Bad Boy 120 shares much in common with the Triple 6 – except while the Triple 6 proudly proclaims an affiliation with the most evil of dark lords, the Bad Boy tones it down from evil to just …bad. It’s designed to be a bit more flexible than the Triple 6, with each preamp designed to cover a wide range of tones and a quite decent spread of gain levels. Like the Triple 6, the Bad Boy 120 is a 120 watt all-tube head rocking a pair of KT88s and an ECC83 in the output section. There are also four ECC83s in the preamp. Read More …

REVIEW: Marshall JVM410HJS Joe Satriani amp


Joe Satriani needs his amps to cover a lot of ground during the course of a single gig, from vintage bluesy sweetness to chunky rock to screaming harmonically overstimulated lead. For years he’s (generally) used clean amps and distortion pedals for his tone, but when it came time to lay down some riffage with his supergroup Chickenfoot, Joe realised only Marshall would do. So they worked together on an amp based on the JVM410. Let’s let Joe explain: “It’s got four channels and three modes per channel, and we just set the thing up in the control room when we were doing overdubs (for Chickenfoot III) and we went from channel to channel, and I think the only time we used a different amp was when we plugged in a ’59 Fender Twin amp to add a little something to a ballad. Everything else was done through that amp. I never felt like I wasn’t punching enough or I never had enough gain or I wasn’t clean enough. It’s really an outstanding amp.” Read More …

NAMM: John Lennon Signature Series by Fargen


Amp builder Ben Fargen has a reputation for creativity, quality and originality, and you’ll find all three qualities in spades in the new John Lennon Signature Series. There are two amps available: the JL-15 and the Artist Series.

Fargen says of the JL-15:

The John Lennon JL-15 amplifier is a truly unique design out of the Fargen Custom Shop. Leave it to Ben Fargen and his amplifier mastery to capture Lennon’s tone in a one-of-a-kind technical marvel of a design.


Enjoy Lennon’s 60′s Liverpool and 70′s Plastic Ono Band tones through the use of the two-way Decade Switch and play through the warmth and depth of boutique amplifier engineering at its best. The rich black tolex provides the perfect frame for John Lennon’s beautiful self-portrait in black-and-white … Lennon’s iconic music and visual art come together.

We use a specially designed grill cloth on which the drawing is printed, and the cabinet’s dovetail-jointed Baltic Birch sides and rear panels, combined with a speaker baffle and incredibly accurate voicing, results in a rich, vintage experience.

As for the Artist Series, it follows the lead of the JL-15 but features select Lennon drawings, and each is available in a limited, numbered edition of eleven.

More info and plenty of sound clips here.



Mike Soldano founded Soldano Custom Amplification in 1986 after years of notoriety as an amp modifier to the stars. His flagship model, the SLO-100, has found its way into the rigs of players as diverse as Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Silverchair’s Daniel Johns, Joe Satriani and even Eddie Van Halen, who used one for most of the For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge album. Soldano’s “strip everything to the essentials” design philosophy comes with a hefty price tag so Mr Soldano has teamed up with Jet City Amplification to offer a series of amps that carry through on the essence of his designs at a much lower price point than the sometimes shocking price tags found on amps like the SLO-100.

Read More …