REVIEW: AmpKit Mac

Agile Partners’ AmpKit for iOS won me over. We had a rocky start due to a less-than-optimal guitar/iOS interface I bought that didn’t quite let AmpKit do its thing. But once I upgraded to GuitarJack 2 by Sonoma Wire Works, I was utterly sold, and I realised that AmpKit is so very input dependent that of course it sounds better with a higher quality interface. And I realised that AmpKit does what no other iOS amp sim seems to do, giving you a completely and utterly usable tone right out of the box that you can simply drop into a recording and know it’ll sound great. I’ve used AmpKit on a few recordings, plugging it into my Mbox, but I always thought it’d be great to have AmpKit accessible from within my Mac itself.

And now you can get exactly that! AmpKit Mac is custom-built for OS X 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion, taking advantage new capabilities in OS X. I’ve been playing around with it for a few days and the very first thing that struck me was how perfectly suited the AmpKit interface is for the Mac. Just as it made clever use of the iPad screen to present everything in an easy-to-access way, AmpKit for Mac lays out the virtual guitar rigs logically and usefully. There’s a multi-panel user interface with a main “Stack View” and separate floating panels for Gear, Backing Tracks, Recording, and Metronome. It helps that certain iOS-influenced features are ported over too, including Multi-Touch gestures, Full Screen mode, Sharing via email or AirDrop, and gesture-enabled Quick Look. Read More …

Last Chance to Enter the AmpKit “Setup Smackdown” Contest

Quick! Post your AmpKit Setups for a chance to win gear from Ashdown, Sonic Edge and Peavey! This is your last week to enter the AmpKit “Setup Smackdown” contest, so get ‘em in now! AmpKit users can submit their setups until August 23, 2012 in three categories and have a chance to win real, physical guitar and bass gear.
The categories include:
Best Clean / Acoustic Setup (prize: Sonic Edge Tumbleweed compressor and clean boost pedal)
Best High Gain Setup (prize: Peavey AT-200 autotuning guitar)
Best Bass Setup (prize: Ashdown MiBass 220 compact bass amp head).
Find out more about the Setup Smackdown contest at

AmpKit gets Retina graphics, new gear

AmpKit, the killer amp sim app by Agile Partners, has just been updated to feature Retina display resolution as well as a few new gear models: the Trace Elliot 1215 bass amp, Rocktron Metal Planet Distortion and Rocktron HUSH Noise Reduction. And save 33-40% on new gear and 50% on AmpKit+ for a limited time.

Agile, of course, also recently announced AmpKit Link HD, an incredible new iOS interface which not only captures your guitar sound in higher fidelity than before, but also allows you to charge your iPad while still using it for your amp sim. Here’s a great video of Kenny Wayne Shepherd demonstrating AmpKit (and talking up the great Guitar World Lick Of The Day app) at NAMM 2012.

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Aaron Kusterer – Language of Emotion ships January 6

Hey! Did you see that interview with Aaron Kusterer recently in Guitar Player magazine? Aaron’s CD Language of Emotion is released on December 30 with a launch at BRG Music of Perry & Ames Iowa. Go check it out if you’re in the area! If you preorder the CD from Aaron it’ll ship January 6. Aaron’s an amazing guitarist, a super-nice guy and an awesome ambassador for Buddy Blaze guitars – in fact that’s how I first met him, when I recognised the Blaze logo on his guitar case at an airport. Aaron also gets some amazing tones out of AmpKit.

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