The Ultimate Guitar Pickup Guide


So, what’s the deal with pickups, then? Check out this piece I wrote for Andertons which breaks it down for ya, from the basics to more advanced stuff like the difference between coil splitting and coil tapping. A snippet: “The simplest way to think of a pickup is “like a microphone for an electric guitar.” And have you ever noticed that if you pluck the string close to the bridge the note will sound bright and twangy, whereas if you pick right down by the neck you’ll hear a softer, rounder tone? Well if you place a pickup near the bridge of the guitar it will sound sharper and brighter compared to one that’s placed near the neck. This is why the majority of guitars have more than one pickup: so you can select different sounds from the full and warm to the thin and snappy.”

NAMM: New Chapman Guitars!

Chap1Check out these new axes by Rob Chapman’s Chapman Guitars! Chapman Guitars will be at the NAMM Show for the very first time this year and I can’t wait to check ’em out. There are four new models: The Special Run ML-1 Hot Rod, the ML-2 Classic, and two versions of the Chapman ML7 7-string (which arose from a collaborative design voted on by Chapman guitar fans and overseen by Keith Merrow before he hooked up with Schecter). The Special Run ML-1 Hot Rod is limited to just 60 guitars and it features a single Seymour Duncan 35th Anniversary JB bridge humbucker and Floyd Rose. The ML-2 Classic is inspired by the Gold Top but with the addition of the famed ‘Peter Green mod’ for out-of-phase pickupy goodness. And the two ML-7 models, ML7-S and ML7-T, look like great 7-string takes on the general Strat and Tele vibes. You can order them now through Andertons, and there’s a video below where Rob Chapman tells you all about it. Read More …

Marshall CSJTM 145 1964 Andertons 50th Anniversary

42728-csjtm-64-staright-frontWanna see something cool? The Marshall Custom Shop CS JTM145 50th Anniversary Andertons Valve Head was designed in collaboration with Lee Anderton to celebrate Andertons Music Company’s 50th birthday. Built by the Marshall Custom Shop in Milton Keynes, UK, and available exclusively from Andertons Music (one of the oldest Marshall dealers in the world!) in a limited edition of 200, it features a commemorative plate with Andertons 50th Anniversary logo and a matching custom amp cover. And it’s the first time Marshall has ever made an anniversary amp for a retailer like this. What’s that? You want to hera what it would sound like if Joe Bonamassa played Bernie Marsden’s original 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard through one? Alright.

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Learn Guitar!

My buddies at Andertons have put together this page which brings together various articles and links related to selecting a beginner guitar and figuring out what to actually learn on it. There are also various guitar starter packs on the page to help you get all your gear together in one spot.

Beginner sets have come a very long way since the days of my old Status Stratocaster copy with a whammy bar that snapped after six months, Marathon MX3 amp that developed a crackle within a year and a dodgy cable that broke after two weeks!

How To Buy A Beginner Guitar

Hey! I’ve written an article for Anderton’s offering some tips on what to look for in a beginner guitar. There are so many options out there these days compared to when I started on my Status Strat copy and Marathon MX3 amp (with no distortion! Can you believe it?). I’ve tried to provide a nice overview for those who aren’t sure what to look for. You can read it here.

If you’re an experienced player, what was your first guitar? Do you still have it?

COOL GEAR ALERT: Ibanez Roadcore

Check this out! Ibanez RC320 Roadcore. Just saw it on the Ibanez UK Facebook, and the good folks at Andertons have posted about it here. One-piece bolt-on Maple neck with Rosewood fretboard; double-bound Mahogany body; Tight-Tune bridge, and CORE-TONE pickups. And it’s also available in black. Digging the old-sch00l-inspired headstock and the binding.

I like it. It’s like an FR got it on with a Talman while a Darkstone watched.

Ibanez UK has a great image gallery here.