NEWS: Tech 21 creates Private Stock division

Has anyone else noticed the growing trend for gear designers to become mini-celebrities? When I was a kid I remember being aware of only a few names: James Brown at Peavey, Ritchie Fliegler at Marshall (and later Fender); Steve Blucher at Dimarzio. Now it seems we’re so much more aware of the designers who make us sound great. Andrew Barta’s Tech 21 has been making guitarists sound awesome for years with his preamps and stompboxes, and now he’s offering a Private Stock division.

Here’s the press release.

Andrew Barta started Tech 21 with a product he originally designed for his own personal use, the highly-acclaimed SansAmp. Being a constant tinkerer, there are times he is inspired to build creations for his own enjoyment that are outside the realm of being mass produced and commercially viable.With the encouragement from a select few who have witnessed some of these products, Andrew has decid- ed to open the door to his Private Stock.

The Tech 21 Private Stock division will offer a diverse range of products, the first of which is the Vacuum Tube Bass Pre-Amp Head. Each product will be custom-designed by Andrew, hand-built, tested and tweaked at their factory in the United States, and available directly for purchase on a per order basis.

Interested parties for these unique and limited products should check the Tech 21 website periodically for updates.

For more information, visit their web site at