Ibanez AT10 Premium Rosewood & PGM800 Premium

Wow, check this out: some pics posted by Takeshi Ishiguro, taken at the Musical Instruments Fair Japan 2014 featuring some new additions to Ibanez’s Indonesian-made Premium line: the AT10 Premium Rosewood Andy Timmons model and, in the background there, the PGM800 Premium Paul Gilbert model. Andy has been playing a version of this white axe onstage recently. And of course Paul is on tour with Mr. Big playing all sorts of beautiful Ibanii.


Ibanez AT10RP-CLW

The G4 Experience With Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons & Mike Keneally

Joe SatrianiI know what I want for my birthday.

PRESS RELEASE: From August 11-15, 2014, musicians of all ages and levels will converge in California’s scenic Central Coast for the G4 Experience with guitar virtuosos Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons, and Mike Keneally. This unique music camp that combines entertainment, education and a vacation experience will be held at the picturesque Cambria Pines Lodge in Cambria, California, halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles.
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Andy Timmons on the Ibanez Premium AT-10P


Andy Timmons discusses the Ibanez Premium AT10P at Winter NAMM 2013:

“I was on MTV with Danger Danger, and I met the artist relations guy and I said “I think Ibanez is a company I’d like to deal with. That’s where I imagine myself being.” And he basically said “We love you but we hate your band. We want to work with you!” That was the beauty – that complete honesty. That honesty prevails in my relationship with Hoshino to this day. It’s all about quality, and that’s really important to me.

timmons“Once we came up with a guitar that I felt was home, back in 1994, I felt like I’d found a guitar that was for me. Several years later, when I was heading in more of a solo direction, we developed the AT-100. And the main thing for me on that guitar that was so important was that I wanted it to be exactly like my guitar. I thought there was no point in having a signature model if it’s not what I play. So along the way we were developing it, and I of course chose the most expensive option at every turn! But it was more about integrity. The neck had to feel right, it had to have the versatility and it had to sound like my guitar. And I still pick up production models of the AT-100 and some of them sound better than my old guitar. But I just won’t let that one go until it falls to dust. My luthier has suggested that if I have a few of these guitars, I should start playing them because that one’s going to fall apart! Read More …

VIDEO: Andy Timmons on DiMarzio, Ibanez

Check out this great video from DiMarzio of Andy Timmons talking about his Ibanez AT100 guitar and DiMarzio AT1 humbucker (as well as showing some love for the DiMarzio Cruiser pickup too).

CLICK HERE to buy the DiMarzio Cruiser (white) from Musician’s Friend.

CLICK HERE to buy the DiMarzio Cruiser (black) from Musician’s Friend.

CLICK HERE to buy the DiMarzio AT-1 from Musician’s Friend.

NEWS: Cool stuff on eMusic

Mrs I Heart Guitar recently introduced me to a site called eMusic, which seems pretty heavily stocked with downloadable ablums by a huge range of artists, especially guitarists. So far I’ve downloaded John McLaughlin’s Floating Point, Andy Timmons’ Resolution, Richie Kotzen’s Return of The Mother Head’s Family Reunion, and Steve Vai’s Passion And Warfare Naked Tracks (which includes tracks from the album minus the lead guitar, so guitarists can jam over the songs), and Alien Love Secrets (when I originally ripped the disc to MP3 years ago I did it at way too low a bitrate, and now the CD is in a box somewhere, so now I have a much nicer sounding version). 

The tracks are DRM-free and will play on an iPod. I used the trial to get the Vai Naked Tracks 100% for free, but totally legally. I’m going to buy the hell out of the rest of the Vai Naked Tracks just for a start, then I’m going to embark on my fusion eductation.

NAMM 2009: Ibanez reissues Andy Timmons AT100

Thomann has now updated their website with a photo of the Ibanez AT100CL-SB, the newly reissued Andy Timmons signature guitar which will be out in 2009.

The guitar, an exact reissue of the old model right down to the hand-shaped neck, has an alder body, 1-pcs maple neck, maple fretboard, 22 jumbo frets, Wilkonson by Gotoh VSVG bridge, DiMarzio Cruiser neck, DiMarzio Cruiser middle postion and DiMarzio AT1 Custom bridge pickup, cosmo black hardware, 648 mm scale length.

NAMM 2009: First new Ibanez 2009 guitars

Thomann has opened up preordering for new 2009 Ibanez guitars, and while not all the photos are on the site yet, you can tell a lot from the specs. They’re talking about these over at the official Ibanez forum and at Jemsite, which is where I first heard about the Thomann links, so I figure it’s ok to re-post the info here now that it’s out there in the public domain.

For instance, there’s the PGM401-TFB (pictured). Paul Gilbert Signature, ash body, 5-pcs maple/walnut PGM Prestige neck, rosewood fretboard, 24 medium frets, dot inlays, painted “f-holes”, cosmo black hardware, fixed bridge, DiMarzio Air Classic humbuckers, 648 mm scale lenght, color: Trifade Burst, incl. case and leather strap. CLICK HERE to preorder. And by the way, check out his new CD, United States, with Freddie Nelson. It’s awesome.

Or how about the return of Andy Timmons to Ibanez’s endorser list? AT100CL-SB, Andy Timmons signature, alder body, 1-pcs maple neck, (AT “Prestige”), maple fretboard, 22 jumbo frets, Wilkonson by Gotoh VSVG bridge, DiMarzio Cruiser neck, DiMarzio Cruiser middle postion and DiMarzio AT1 Custom bridge pickup, cosmo black hardware, 648 mm scale lenght, color: sunburst, incl. Prestige case and leather strap. CLICK HERE to preorder.

Oh and who likes maple fretboards? RG2550MZ-GW, basswood body, 5-pcs maple/walnut neck, maple fretboard 24 jumbo frets, shark inlays, Edge Zero tremolo, 1x Di Marzio/IBZ-N neck humbucker 1x Di Marzio/IBZ-S single coil middle position and 1x Di Marzio/IBZ-B bridge humbucker, with mirror pickguard, incl. case, color: galaxy white. CLICK HERE to preorder.

RG2570MZ-VBE (pictured), Basswood Body, 24 Jumbo Frets, 5-pc. Maple/Walnut Neck, Maple Fretboard, Prestige Shark Tooth Inlays, Edge Zero Tremolo, 1x Di Marzio/IBZ-N Neck Humbucker 1x Di Marzio/IBZ-S Single Coil Middle and 1x Di MArzio/IBZ-B Bridge Humbucker, 648 mm scale lenght, Color: Vital Blue, incl. Luxus Case and Leather Strap. CLICK HERE to preorder.

And let’s not forget the return of the Destroyer series. DTT700-MGS, destroyer-series, mahogany body, 5-pcs. maple/walnut neck-through neck (Wizard II), rosewood fretboard, 22 jumbo frets, AR block inlays, Gibraltar custom bridge, chrome hardware, 2 x Dimarzio D-Activator humbuckers, 648 mm scale lenght, color: metallic gray sunburst , incl. case and strap. CLICK HERE to preorder.

The Xiphos series also gets a lower cost little brother: XP300FX-BK, X-Series Xiphos, mahogany body, 3-pcs bolt-on maple, rosewood fretboard, 24 jumbo frets, white dot inlays, fixed bridge, cosmo black hardware, INF3 neck- and INF4 bridge humbucker, 648 mm scale lenght, colour: black, incl. gigag and strap. CLICK HERE to preorder.

There’s also a way pimped out version of the Xiphos: XPT700XH-GSF, X-Series Xiphos, mahogany body, 5-piece maple/walnut neck thru-neck, rosewood fretboard, 27 jumbo frets, white sharktooth inlays, Edge III tremolo, black hardware, DiMarzio Air Norton (N) and Activator (B) humbuckers, 648 mm scale lenght, colour: Green Shadow Flat, incl. case & strap. CLICK HERE to preorder.

27 frets? HELL YEAH.

No news yet on the rumoured Paul Gilbert Fireman (reverse Iceman) or new Steve Vai Jem models – let’s wait and see what else is posted on Thomann before NAMM in January.

Regarding the reissued Timmons model, Andy recently posted the following on his website:

Hi Folks,

I’m very proud to announce that Ibanez and I have agreed to re-issue the original AT100 on a global scale. As opposed to the original AT100 which was a limited production (we think @ 300 were made), the AT100CL will be available worldwide and will be made to the exact specs as the original including the hand shaped neck!!

As you may recall, I announced a while back that I had parted ways with Ibanez and that I just wanted to play whatever I felt like playing. I never had any intention of signing with another guitar company as many had speculated. I did get approached by many companies once word got out (which I was very flattered by) but it was more important to me to remain independent and avoid a reputation as an “endorsement hopper”.

What I discovered in this time period is that I do love to play Strats occasionally as well as SG Specials, Teles and Les Pauls but nothing feels like “home” like my original AT100. Tone, feel and expression. It’s truly MY guitar.

As I was coming to this realization, Hoshino invited me to play for their 100th Anniversary concert in Japan w/Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert. I was very honored to be asked to do so and I thought it was cool for them to ask considering I wasn’t currently an endorsee. During my visit they approached me with the idea of re-issuing the AT100. It was just perfect timing…it felt “right”!

I know there has been a lot of interest in this guitar in the past, so I’m so happy to say that it will finally be available in 2009!

The guitar will be unveiled at the January NAMM show (and available for pre-order) in Anaheim and should be in stores by Spring.

The Andy Timmons Band will appear opening for Paul Gilbert and Racer X as part of the NAMM festivities. Good stuff indeed.

I’m off to play…I’m inspired!!!