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As you guys know, I’m a huge guitar geek and my tastes range from pointy, neon-coloured shred axes with Floyd Roses to classic semi-hollowbodies with Bigbsy vibratos. So when the fine folks at YourInstrument.com asked me to write a sponsored post, I thought the perfect thing to do would be to have a look around at the wide variety of instruments for sale. Because a) it’d be a great way to show the diversity of instruments that folks like you and I are using the site to buy/sell, and b) because nothing is more fun than looking at electric guitars for sale, except for playing them. So let’s see what’s there this week. And you can always keep up with what’s online at this very moment by checking out the site.


PRS SE Mikael Akerfeldt
This is the signature model for the Opeth frontman. It’s one of the first SE models to include old-school bird inlays, and it rocks 24 jumbo frets, PRS designed tremolo bridge, SE HFS and SE Vintage Bass pickups, volume and tone control with a 3-way toggle switch. You can see Mikael playing these on the road. Read More …

REVIEW: Music Man Axis

lOnce upon a time, Ernie Ball Music Man had a certain high-profile endorser, one of those epoch-defining chaps who changed the way we approach the instrument. He designed a signature model with the company and it was very popular – as current used prices for said instruments will demonstrate – but eventually he moved in a different direction. Production was stopped on his signature guitar but most of the model’s features survived in the form of the Axis. Now almost 20 years later it’s still a great seller for Music Man, and an iconic guitar in its own right. And we described all that without once mentioning Eddie Van Halen.
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REVIEW: Sterling By Music Man S.U.B AX3

The Sterling By Music Man S.U.B Series family of instruments are designed to provide a new level of quality, features and value for the beginning or intermediate player. Part of this philosophy includes using established (and very player-friendly) Ernie Ball Music Man designs such as the Silhouette and Axis as the basis for budget-priced guitars. A lot of us might remember the SUB name from a previous attempt by EBMM to make their designs more affordable: the original SUB instruments were US-made but with more budget-friendly finishing techniques. The new S.U.B line is made in Asia, and ironically the finishes look a lot prettier than the old SUB line, which had a sort of industrial vibe.
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CLICK HERE to buy the Sterling By Music Man S.U.B Ax3 from Musician’s Friend for $249.

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MUSIKMESSE 2012: Roger Mayer TC Series Pedals

If you’re at Musikmesse this year, make sure you stop by Hall 4.0 booth B45 to check out Roger Mayer’s new Voodoo TC Series of pedals. The line includes the Axis, Spitfire, Voodoo Boost, Mongoose, Voodoo Bass, Voodoo Bass2, Voodoo-1, Voodoo Vibe TC and my personal favourite, the Octavia. In fact, I’m on a personal mission to make sure everyone realises how great the Octavia is and promptly adds one to their pedalboard.

The large knob on each TC series pedal can be adjusted by your foot while you play, and it also allows you to really, really zero in on the perfect setting for your particular musical situation. The two Soft Touch Small Diameter controls are Tone (with each one optimised for that particular pedal) and Output, which gives you a range from unit to the required level of boost. The colours are Cay Coral, Matador Red, Dusk Pearl, Coranado Yellow, Colonial Cream and Tropical Turquoise, and they – like the general visual design of the pedals themselves – are inspired by classic USA cars of the 1950s.

There’s plenty more info at Roger’s site.

REVIEW: Sterling By Music Man AX30

Ernie Ball Music Man released their Sterling By Music Man line about 18 months ago to offer a price-effective alternative to their very high-quality, high-price-tag US-made models. The Sterling line-up is made up of models that are based on popular EBMM axes, but with a few little concessions made here and there in the name of cost-effectiveness. That said, they’re by no means budget models in terms of quality, and shouldn’t be thought of as such. I was pretty damn impressed by the AX20 a while ago, so I was psyched to get my hands on the new AX30, a new model for 2011.

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