My Five Favourite Semi-Hollowbody F-Hole Guitars

fholesWhen I was a kid I was obsessed with semi-hollowbody guitars. I blame The Beatles, The Cure and Ratcat. Basically if it had F-Holes or similarly-shaped soundholes, I wanted it. These days I tend to either play Les Pauls, Strats or Superstrats but I’ve always had a fondness for big boxy guitars with F-holes and Bigsby vibratos. I still don’t own one but if I did it’d be one of these… Read More …

Meet The Palm-O-Low for Bigsby By Tremolution

Palm-O-Low for Bigsby

Here’s a great innovation for fans of the Bigsby, especially those who like to use that venerable wiggle-stick for vibrato on shimmery chords. I can imagine a lot of indie, country and goth players really digging this! My Bigsby-loaded Ibanez Talman could use one.

PRESS RELEASE: Tremolution, manufacturer of the new, patent-pending contoured tremolo arm, Palm-O-Low, has announced an introductory 20% discount available through April, 2016. The new Palm-O-Low is in stock and ready for shipment. Read More …

Epiphone Gary Clarke Jr. Blak And Blu Casino


Gary Clark Jr. is one of the coolest and nicest dudes you’ll ever meet. I interviewed him a while back for an Australian Guitar cover story and he’s a huge Epiphone fan. He’s been playing a custom black and blue Casino for a little while, and now that guitar is the inspiration for his brand new Limited Edition Gary Clark Jr. “Blak and Blu” Casino. It’s available with or without Bigsby and it has Gibson USA pickups. Here’s the press release.  Read More …

New Gretsch Center-Block Series Guitars

G5622TCBElectromatic-1Every now and then a guitar comes along that’s so fist-bitingly gorgeous, so ‘everything I’m looking for in a guitar,’ that it kicks off that bittersweet ‘I’m never going to be able to afford that… why the hell do I do this to myself?’ feeling. And then you realise it’s from a company’s more affordable range and you start digging down between the sofa cushions looking for spare change to start squirrelling away so you can get one, and woohoo! I forgot there was ten bucks in my jacket pocket! I’m coming to get you, Gretsch G5622T-CB Electromatic Center-Block… It will be mine… oh yes, it will be mine… Here’s more info. Read More …

PRS Introduces Affordable US-Made S2 Range

cu_mcAin’t no way around it: US-PRS guitars are pricey. And with good reason: they’re made to very high standards and their quality control is legendary. Not to mention the playability, the tone, the looks… you know you’re getting your money’s worth when you buy a PRS. The SE line does a great job of putting affordable instruments in the hands of players, but there was still a bit of a gap there in terms of an affordable US-made PRS. Well no more! The S2 series offers three models (Custom 24, Starla and Mira) which are made alongside their pricier brethren in Maryland, USA but with a few concessions made to lowering the price, such as clever use of bevelling instead of the more labour-intensive top-carving process.  Read More …

Gretsch Tim Armstrong Electromatic models


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Aug. 21, 2012) – Gretsch is proud to honor Rancid founder Tim Armstrong with the release of two new signature models, the G5191MS Tim Armstrong Electromatic Hollow Body, and the G5191TMS Tim Armstrong Electromatic Hollow Body with Bigsby® tremolo tailpiece. Both models bear the personal stamp of the punk godfather, as well as a new color inspired by Armstrong’s personal specifications, Man Salmon.

Read More …

COOL GEAR ALERT: Big Bends Nut Sauce

After discovering the company on Twitter and seeing their tweets about the magic their product could work on a Bigsby bridge, I decided to order Big Bends Nut Sauce to see what all the fuss is about. Yesterday I applied it to the nut and bridge of my Bigsby-loaded Ibanez Talman TC-825 and the results are incredible. Tuning stablity is vastly improved and, most important of all, I no longer get the annoying ‘ping’ sound that occurs when the string, bound up at the nut, slips loose when using the bar.

Wanna try it yourself? Here are some videos demonstrating how to use Nut Sauce on various types of guitars. Cool! 

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