Jim Dunlop Geezer Butler Cry Baby Wah!

Geezer Butler wah wah

I don’t know a single bass player who has plugged into a wah wah pedal and not immediately played Geezer Butler’s N.I.B. intro licks. Geezer knows what he wants from his wah sound, and now he’s got it in the form of his new signature Jim Dunlop Cry Baby. It has several very stageworthy features: you bring it out of bypass simply by putting your foot on the pedal; you can set the effect ring-out time (ie: how long the effect remains engaged after you return the pedal to its heel position); and there’s an internal Q control. Rotate it clockwise for a narrower frequency range and more pronounced wah effect or counterclockwise for a wider frequency range and subtler wah effect. 

Order yours from Musicians Friend.

Tony Iommi Talks New Epiphone SG


It feels like Tony Iommi Week here at I Heart Guitar. I interviewed Tony the other day for Mixdown magazine (and they let me set aside a few questions for I Heart Guitar, which you can see here). I have an Epiphone Limited Edition Tony Iommi Signature SG Custom here to review. And now Epiphone has published a new interview with Tony talking about the new guitar. You can read the interview here, and there’s a press release and video below. Read More …

Tony Iommi Talks Black Sabbath’s Tony Martin Era

Tony Iommi

One of my favourite eras of Black Sabbath is the series of albums recorded with vocalist Tony Martin. Tony Iommi seemed to broaden his composing, he unleashed some of his greatest tones ever during this period, and he was pushed to new heights of lead guitar playing. Something about the Iommi/Martin dynamic seemed to bring great things out of both musicians. Today I had the honour of interviewing Tony Iommi for an upcoming Mixdown article about the final Black Sabbath tour, and the fine folks at that mag kindly allowed me to set aside a few minutes of the interview for an I Heart Guitar-exclusive diversion to talk about this era. In the wake of the recent news that Iommi hopes to record with Martin again, I thought we’d start there: Read More …

Tony Iommi and the Laney TI15-112

Check this out! Laney’s new TI15-112 Tony Iommi Signature Amp. Laney says it takes all the raw power and tone of the TI100’s high gain channel and crams it into a compact single channel all tube amp. Laney’s unique dual wattage input option means you can push the EL84 output section hard and get 15 watts RMS of full on tone or plug into the “less than 1 watt” and get exactly that – your same great tone but at less than 1 watt. There’s also a speaker-emulated recording out. More info here.

Introducing Black Lightning Gallery

black lightning gallery

Are you a fan of great guitar music? Of course you are. Do you need some inspiration for the wall of your music space? Maybe a shrine to your favourite artists? Or just something cool to hang above the fireplace? Check out Black Lightning Gallery in Los Angeles. Founded by Rohan Ocean, Black Lightning Gallery is about to unveil a fine art photography collection from prolific rock photographer Gene Kirkland (whose work I’ve long admired – his name is burned into my head from all sorts of guitar mags). The photos include a recently discovered collection of some of rock’s most pivotal and historically important moments. Vai and DLR. Metallica taking over the world. Guns N’ Roses at the “Sweet Child ‘O Mine” video shoot. Aerosmith. Black Sabbath. Ozzy getting chummy with a white dove (from the cover of Guitar School magazine – I totally have that issue in the other room). Randy Rhoads. Motley Crue at the “Girls, Girls, Girls” video shoot. They’ll be released as numbered, signed limited edition prints exclusively via Black Lightning Gallery, and will only be available until the limited numbers are sold. there will not be additional runs of the photos.

Here’s an example of some of the great stuff you’ll see on the site:

black lightning gallery james hetfield

“Metallica were unstoppable in 1988. A new album And Justice for All… was released. Their first single release ‘One’ came with a haunting and unforgettable video, Making the song itself display the full meaning of the lyrics. The band was shot in black and white while the movie had color moments in the flashbacks.
The following Justice world tour was massive in scope with 5 legs and 222 dates. Staging included the huge Dorothy statue recreated from the cover of the album that broke down during the title track. A full lighting rig that come off and swung very close to Lars’ drum riser. The justice show was epic. The full experience is immortalized and officially released in the Live Shit: Binge and Purge Box set recording at Seattle Coliseum, Seattle, Washington over 2 night on August 29 and 30, 1989.”


Black Sabbath Melbourne Gigs Coming To DVD


Is there anything sweeter than when one of your favourite bands releases a live DVD? Well, maybe when one of your favourite bands releases a live DVD of a concert that you yourself went to! While I can’t guarantee that this applies to your personal situation, if you’re like me and the other 30,000 or so people who saw Black Sabbath when they played in Melbourne, Australia a few months ago, you’re going to relive the experience on their new DVD, Gathered In Their Masses! Due for release on on November 26 via Vertigo/Republic, Gathered In Their Masses contains footage from Sabbath’s April 29 and May 1, 2013 concerts here in Melbourne. And it’s going to kick ass. Here’s the trailer. Read More …

Taylor’s Tony Iommi Sweepstakes

IommiAah, I always knew Tony Iommi was a man with impeccable taste in guitars. Turns out Mr. Iommi used several Taylor acoustic guitars during the creation of Black Sabbath’s awesome new album 13, and he’s teamed up with the good folks at Taylor for the ultimate sweepstakes, where you can win a trip to see Sabbath in Las Vegas staying at the MGM Grand, and receive your very own Taylor GS Mini signed by Iommi, as well as a Taylor Guitars prize pack and a signed copy of 13. Full details in the press release below. Read More …

My Favourite Guitar And Bass Intros

IntrosIs there anything better than a good song intro? Well, yeah. I can think of a few things, and some of them even have something to do with music. But still, there’s just something magical about a great song intro. Whether it’s an unaccompanied slab of guitar wizardry, some kind of unexpected time signature, a chunk of mysteriously atmospheric ambience or even just  some kind of silly bit if dialog recorded in the studio, a good intro can set the scene and build anticipation for the song proper. So in celebration of the glories of the intro, here are a few of my favourites, divided in to guitar and bass examples. What are yours?

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