Schecter Unveils Jinxx Signature Model

1544489_788880001128813_1523362957_nThey’ve been teasing it for a little while but Schecter has now unveiled The Recluse, a new signature model for Jinxx of Black Veil Brides. Schecter is kicking all sorts of goals with their 2014 line-up – more on that shortly – and this model looks quite cool indeed. It has a mahogany gloss black body with dark red binding and is loaded with active EMG 81/85 pick-ups, ebony fret-board on a three-piece mahogany neck which is crowned with the Devil 3×3 headstock. I like its slight mix of SG and utter evil. Keep an eye on Schecter’s website for more info on the 2014 line-up. And if you’re here in Australia you can catch Black Veil Brides at the Soundwave festival. Read More …

BVB Hits Back At ‘Fake Cab’ Haters

Black-Veil-Brides-fake-cabsThe other day a photo surfaced on the internets of Black Veil Brides performing with some dummy speaker cabs – empty cabinets placed on stage for visual effect. And I guess BVB are a band who attract a lot of haters for some reason, so a lot of people pounced on them for it. Like they were looking for some excuse to accuse the band of being fakes. But y’know what? I really don’t get what all the fuss is about here. Bands have been using fake cabs to fill in stage space for decades. You think Van Halen or Slayer are really going through all of those cabinets? A wall of speakers is part of the rock vernacular. It’s just something we expect to see. And if you choose to do without it, you have to get creative in order to do something with that empty space, otherwise it’s just going to look bare and boring. Read More …

NAMM 2012: Black Veil Brides signature BC Rich models

Black Veil Brides guitarists Jake Pittz and Jinxx both have new BC Rich guitars and they’re both pretty freaking cool! I checked them out at NAMM 2012 and was most impressed. These two axes tap into the essential sig guitar criteria of being attractive to people who aren’t fans of the band as much as to those who are (BVB inlays notwithstanding, but even then they look kind of cool).

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What I Read On The Internets Today – July 9, 2011

Progressive Rock in 5 minutes Aaaahahaha. What are your favourite prog cliches? Mine is the deceptively easy odd-time riff. You know the one, where they just cut back and forth between two simple phrases one and a half times then repeat?

Geoff Tate interview Awesome interview with Queensryche’s Geoff Tate by Mitch Lafon at

Black Veil Brides on the dangers of performing Guitar World column by BVB’s Jinxx. By the way, I interviewed Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides recently for a mag – it’ll be published soon. Did you see him bust his rib a couple of weeks ago? Brutal. This is my favourite video of the incident, because if you didn’t know the band you might think that the out-of-tune fan singing along is actually Andy’s vocals.

Google+ I has it.

Buddy Blaze Guitars on Facebook Gorgeous axes, great endorsers, and Buddy and Joyce are super-cool people.

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