NEWS: Randall says Gus G is Ozzy’s new guitarist

First saw this on, so credit where credit is due!

Randall Amplifiers claims on their Facebook page that Gus G will be playing his first show with Ozzy at Blizzcon this weekend. Here’s their post:

Randall Amplifiers is getting ready to watch signature Randall artist Gus G. make his debut as the new guitarist for Ozzy this Saturday, August 22nd. The concert will take place at the Blizzcon convention and be available on DIRECTV pay-per-view. Watch him play his signature Heaven and Hell half stack!

So there ya have it! I’m sure it’s more than just a rumour if Randall’s posting about it – after all, Gus G probably had to order or borrow a bunch of amps to fill out the stage for the show. I feel pretty bad for Zakk Wylde right now.

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