The Fender Stratocaster by Dave Hunter

Fender StratocasterPress Release: Fender’s Stratocaster is arguably the number-one instrument icon of the guitar world. When introduced in 1954, its offset space-age lines, contoured body, and three-pickup configuration set the music world on its ear—it was truly unlike any guitar that had come before. In the hands of the world’s most beloved players, the Stratocaster has since become a popular weapon of choice among rock, blues, jazz, and country players and, not coincidentally, is also one of the most copied electric guitars of all time.  Read More …

COOL BOOK ALERT: 108 Rock Star Guitars

rock star guitarsAaah, I loves me a good guitar book. Sometimes I even loves me a bad guitar book. But 108 Rock Star Guitars looks like it’s going to fall squarely into the former category. Picture it: over 100 iconic guitars pictured in fine detail, including axes belonging to Jimmy Page, Slash, Eric Clapton, Billy Gibbons, Keith Richard and even the late great Les Paul, who provided a foreword to the book when he was still with us. It’s available in standard and deluxe editions, with the latter including a die-cut collector’s box and a hand-woven, silk chiffon scarf in deep purple featuring the book cover design. Both editions will include a 16-page booklet, “The Inspiration Behind 108 Rock Star Guitars,” with additional behind-the-scenes photos and stories as well as a guitar pick printed with one of three custom holographic foil designs.

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NEWS: Neil Daniels’ Journey biography getting rave reviews




“…an accurate and obviously well researched biography…”

Malcome Dome – Classic Rock (


“As a lone-time yet casual fan of the band, I found the band’s story very interesting and quite surprising… I received the book on Thursday, used every possible opportunity to read it and finished it on Sunday. That’s a recommendation if any.”

Kimmo Toivonen – Rock United (

“A very entertaining and well researched biography, Don’t Stop Believin’ is as close as you will get to the story of Journey…”

Dean Pedley – Sea Of (



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BOOK REVIEW: Bob Taylor – Guitar Lessons

Like Henry Ford or George Lucas before him, Bob Taylor is one of those rare innovators whose ingenuity is matched by their creativity. It takes a special kind of mind to be equally enamoured by the process and the outcome, and Taylor’s guitars are a testament to that vision. Every little piece has its place, and every process, tool, template, jig, material and measurement has been scrutinized to within an inch of its life before being permitted the reward of playing a part in making a Taylor guitar. Guitar Lessons is Taylor’s first book, and it explains how and why Taylor Guitars came to be what the company is today.

Guitar Lessons can be read in three ways: as a memoir of a legendary guitar builder for those interested in the instrument from a player’s point of view; as an insight into the design and construction processes from a luthier’s perspective; or as a ‘how to succeed in business’ manual for those who may not have a particular affinity for the guitar building industry but who might like to gather inspiration and advice in whatever form it appears.

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