REVIEW: Jackson Ampworks Britain

Jackson Ampworks was founded by Brad Jackson in 2003. All the way up until 2009 the company was a one-man operation but after that point, with demand skyrocketing, a few extra hands were brought on board. Jackson Ampworks is still a small operation, but with increased production 11 capacity to get their lustworthy boutique amps onto more stages and into more studios than was previously possible.


The Britain amplifier is now in its third incarnation. It’s been redesigned with suggestions from users of the original Britain and Britain 2.0 amps but, as the company points out, 3.0 is ’18 pounds lighter than its original predecessor, 8″ more narrow and three times more powerful!’ But the differences aren’t only in the physical dimensions and the ability to push out extra volume: the amp now features a second channel as well as a footswitchable boost circuit, series effects loops for each channel, and selectable 12 Watt Class A, 25 Watt Class A or 50 Watt Class A/B operation.


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REVIEW: Cusack Screamer Fuzz

 The Cusack Screamer Fuzz is a flexible little monster. Part overdrive, part fuzz, it doesn’t quite know what it is, but it certainly knows what it’s not: polite and wimpy. It’s based on the company’s Screamer pedal, which Cusack themselves describe as “A Tube Screamer copy, but …much more than that.” The Screamer offers around twice the available gain of a typical Ibanez Tube Screamer, which sounds pretty cool to me, but the Screamer Fuzz goes even further, starting with the basic Screamer guts, but with a bit of a twist too. A filthy, dirty, fuzzy twist.


The Screamer Fuzz features Level and Scream controls very much like the Screamer pedal, but it also has a Fuzz knob in place of the Screamer’s Tone control. Turn the Fuzz knob all the way counterclockwise and there’s no fuzz. Crank it up for what Cusack calls “Broken Op-Amp’ tone which cuts out as your note decays. Similarly, turn the Scream knob all the way down for no gain (but you can still use the Level control to put a little hurt on your preamp), or crank it. Both the Screamer and the Screamer Fuzz have a Clip Selector switch and associated LED, which lets you select between Standard, Crushed or Assymetrical LED clipping.


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Guitar World launches new mag – The Buzz Bin

Awesome. First Guitar World overhauls the magazine’s design (making the mag bigger and bringing back the posters! Cool!). Then they crank up their online presence (and you can read my articles for them here). Now they’re launching The Buzz Bin, a new monthly digital magazine dedicated to new and hip boutique guitar gear.

Check out the August 2011 issue right here. I’m really digging the layout (and of course the content).