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Ultra Rare Chance For Buddy Blaze-Modded Dean ML

From Buddy’s Facebook: “About 30 years ago, I bought this ’79 Dean ML from my good friend Eugene at the Arlington Guitar Show… I started restoring it in ’87. I got very busy with Kramer and Vivian Campbell at the time, so I put it in its case, in its present state. It has been there ever since then… I have pulled it out a couple of times since then, once to show Dimebag Darrell when Pantera was in New York touring with Prong. He was always looking for used MLs back then… Anyway, it’s time for me to finally finish it and find a new home for it. Who wants a genuine vintage Dean ’79 ML restored by Buddy Blaze? Call 818 620 6445 to put your name on it. Serious only please…”
More pics below!

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Storm Of Perception – In Light Of My Solitude

Storm of Perception, the Phoenix based progressive metal outfit managed by former Guns n Roses manager Alan Niven, have released their second video, “In Light of My Solitude.” Continue reading

Buddy Blaze Guitar Hangers

In addition to making some of the best damn guitars in the world – and also being a hell of a nice guy – Buddy Blaze is now offering these cool guitar hangers in his online store. There’s some other cool merch there too, including guitar light switch plates and t-shirts.


Your Signature Guitar?

Buddy Blaze SevenatorThere’s a really cool discussion over at the Seymour Duncan User Group Forum right now: if you had a signature guitar, what would it be? Forum member Dr. Vegetable posed the following questions: Which company called you? Which standard model in their product lineup do you base your sig off of? (Need not be in current production.) What specs do you insist upon that make it uniquely yours? What other customizations do you make to the guitar? What special piece of “case candy” goes with it as a collector’s item? I gave it a great deal of thought, because there are a lot of companies I’d love to have a signature guitar through. I replied with one answer, but then I realised I really have two. So below are my responses, the original and the one that hit me after I’d already hit ‘post.’ Continue reading

Win A Buddy Blaze Vivian Campbell ‘Lightning Storm’ Shredder

buddy and vivian

The Kramer Nightswan is one of those ‘holy grail’ guitars for many players. It was very innovative for its time, and it lives on as the Buddy Blaze Shredder. (Buddy is, of course, one of the finest guitar builders in the world and the man responsible for my killer seven-string). Now Buddy, Floyd Rose and Seymour Duncan have teamed up to give away one of only 25 Vivian Campbell 25th Anniversary Shredder VC-II / LS guitars.

Here’s the press release:

Win A Buddy Blaze Vivian Campbell ‘Lightning Storm’ Shredder

Buddy Blaze Guitars has joined forces with Seymour Duncan and Floyd Rose to give away a very special guitar: The Buddy Blaze – Vivian Campbell 25th Anniversary Shredder VC-II / LS modeled after the historic guitar used by Campbell in his Whitesnake days.

In 1987, Buddy Blaze and Vivian Campbell designed the Buddy Blaze Shredder, the guitar that would ultimately become known as the Kramer Nightswan. With a scale length of 24 5/8″, floating Floyd Rose tremolo and a ‘bridge/middle’ pickup configuration (a Seymour Duncan Full Shred and a JB, respectively), the Shredder was a unique take on the ‘superstrat’ concept. When Blaze was drafted by Kramer, Campbell soon followed him. The ‘Lightning Storm’ Nightswan prototype was born, featuring the first appearance of the Full Shred as well as a similar finish to Dimebag Darrell’s Dean From Hell, another famous guitar Buddy is intrinsically linked to.

shredder black background“I was quite drawn to the idea of working one-on-one with a guy who simply wanted to build guitars, as opposed to a bigger company that was more concerned with marketing,” Campbell says. “I liked the idea of a short scale guitar. I had been playing Charvel/Jackson for a year or two before that, and whilst I certainly appreciated those instruments, there were certain features that were unnatural to me – one of which was the wide, flat and unfinished fretboard. Another was their 25 1/2 inch scale; although I have big hands, I liked the idea of a smaller instrument with a smaller neck as I tend to use my left hand thumb over the top of the neck when playing bar chords and that was difficult to do with larger, wider necks.”

To celebrate 25 years since the ‘Lightning Storm’ prototype was created, Buddy and Vivian have teamed up to offer the  Buddy Blaze Vivian Campbell 25th Anniversary Shredder VC-II / LS. Only 25 will be made, each with a unique lightning storm graphic hand-painted by Buddy. They’ll have an Original Floyd Rose tremolo with R1 nut (Titanium Floyd optional), the same Full Shred/JB pickup combination (with each Full Shred signed by Seymour W. Duncan), a Honduras Mahogany body, figured maple neck with 16″ radius ebony fretboard, 24 5/8″ scale length, Buddy Blaze-designed CTS pot, and a certificate of authenticity signed by Buddy and Vivian.

And you could win one. Simply enter on Facebook, and you could own one of these 25 historic guitars! Entries close on March 27th and giveaway is open worldwide.

Click here to enter: http://on.fb.me/Yy93Uq



NAMM: Buddy Blaze Suzanne Slair V


Buddy Blaze (builder of my killer 7-string) launched several cool new guitars at NAMM this year, including this signature V for Canadian singer/guitarist Suzanne Slair of Glyscian.

The guitar has an alder body, a maple neck with ebony fretboard and reverse headstock, double custom DMT Blazebuckers with unique layout, Floyd Rose tremolo, matte black finish with custom red S design, and a 3-way pickup selector switch. Suzanne says it plays like hot loud butter.

By the way, Glyscian’s song ‘Awakening’ will be featured in the upcoming movie Patriot Act.

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NAMM: Buddy Blaze Vivian Campbell 25th Anniversary VC-II/LS


ARGH! This is so cool! Buddy Blaze (maker of some of the greatest guitars in the world – seriously, you have to play my Blaze seven-string some time) is launching the new 25th Anniversary Shredder VC-II / LS at The NAMM Show on Saturday. It has a Seymour Duncan Full Shred signed by Seymour himself (read my review here) and JB, just like the original Kramer Nightswan further back in its family tree.

Only 25 will be made, each with a unique lightning storm graphic hand-painted by Buddy. They’ll have an Original Floyd Rose tremolo with R1 nut (Titanium Floyd optional), a Honduras Mahogany body, figured maple neck with 16″ radius ebony fretboard, 24 5/8″ scale length, Buddy Blaze-designed CTS pot, and a certificate of authenticity signed by Buddy and Vivian.

If you’re around, meet Vivian Campbell at Buddy’s NAMM booth #2382 from 1:30pm-3:00 Saturday.

COOL VIDEO ALERT: Proton Saints – “Rely”

Check out the video for the awesome song Rely by Proton Saints. And keep an eye out for the sweet Buddy Blaze guitar used by Anu Gunn.

REVIEW: Seymour Duncan Full Shred 7

One of the really fun things about being a guitarist is that once you’ve figured out how to change pickups, you’ve unlocked a really easy way to completely overhaul your guitar’s sound – or to fine-tune it. Recently I found myself going back and forth between two guitars, each outfitted with a DiMarzio Crunch Lab 7 and LiquiFire 7 set. One was my Ibanez UV777BK, and the other was my Buddy Blaze Sevenator prototype. Both guitars sounded cool, but I found myself wishing for something a little earthier for the poplar body of the Blaze. Something with a bit more hair and rock attitude compared to the very midrangey, slightly boxy quality of the Crunch Lab. Poplar has a similar tone to alder, except it seems to have a slight upper-mid crispness to my ears. I asked the folks at Seymour Duncan what pickup would give me the sound I was after (keeping in mind the poplar body) and they recommended the Full Shred, so I gave it a shot.

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REVIEW: Buddy Blaze 7-string prototype

Buddy Blaze is a legend in the guitar world. Y’know Dimebag Darrell’s ‘Dean From Hell’ guitar? It was Buddy who acquired that guitar in its original state, then modded the iconic axe with its Floyd Rose and distinctive look before giving it back to Dime. The Kramer Nightswan signature model for Vivian Campbell? That started life as a Buddy Blaze Shredder. Throw in tech work for the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Great White among many, many more, and Buddy has earned a rightful place in metal and hard rock guitar history. Buddy has been making killer rock and metal guitars for years now (the Shredder, the Makani, the Evanator, the K2), and a seven-string version has been high on fans’ wish lists. Buddy displayed two seven-string prototypes at the the NAMM Show in Anaheim, California this January.

The seven-string’s outline is similar to Blaze’s K2 model, although if I had to liken it to any other guitar it would be a Washburn N4 Nuno Bettencourt signature. Both seem to have slightly undersized outlines, along with H-H pickup configurations and a single volume knob paired with a three-way pickup selector. But the Blaze is still a world away from the Washburn in all but the most general of ways.

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NAMM 2012: Full Metal Jackie interviews Buddy Blaze

Here’s a neat interview with Buddy Blaze by Full Metal Jackie. Buddy talks about his association with Dean as well as his own guitars.

Check out Buddy Blaze guitars on Facebook and visit Full Metal Jackie’s site here.

Your Lucky Number: Seven Kickass 7-String Guitar Songs

Check out my latest for Guitar World, about the glory of 7-string guitar. This is my personal list of favourites – what are yours? Comments below or on the Guitar World post!

By the way, that pic is my newest 7-string, a killer Buddy Blaze prototype with DiMarzio Crunch Lab and LiquiFire pickups and a Floyd Rose bridge. You may have noticed me drooling over it at NAMM. Well it’s all mine and it’s incredible! Review coming soon, along with plenty of video. I’ve already written a buttload of songs with this guitar!

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